The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2023 Week 26

The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2023 Week 26

Check out new sights and sounds from the likes of Blur, James Blake, Stormzy & more!

Image credit: Still from Jeff Rosenstock's 'Doubt' Video

Music videos are artistic extensions of the songs themselves, with many visual accompaniments becoming just as, if not more iconic than the song it was created for. As usual, some of our favourite songs of the week also had some of our favourite videos, with this week's list including new singles & videos from Be Your Own Pet, Blur, Das Koolies, Divide and Dissolve, James Blake, Jeff Rosenstock, Shady Nasty, Slow Pulp, Speedy Ortiz and Stormzy.

Be Your Own Pet - Goodtime!

The third single from Nashville rocker's comeback album alongside its stylised live-performance music video grapples with getting older in the world of rock & roll... in a super fun manner. Be Your Own Pet's new album Mommy is out August 25 via Third Man Records.

Blur - St. Charles Square

Speaking of comebacks... Britpop legends deliver the second single from their forthcoming album alongside a stylish black & white live performance video. Blur's new album The Ballad Of Darren is out July 21 via Parlophone.

Das Koolies - A Ride

The former-Super Furry Animals member-featuring Das Koolies drop a new single of off-kilter electronic indie vibes with an equally creative video that sees archival footage of people dancing remixed to fit the tune perfectly. Das Koolies' new album DK.01 is out September 22

Divide and Dissolve - WANT

The warm, ambient opening cut from Melbourne/Naarm-based duo's new album features a hypnotic, rotating music video that compares and contrasts a range of striking environments. Divide and Dissolve's new album Systemic is out now via Invada Records (it's also our Album of the Week!).

James Blake - Big Hammer

A cleverly filmed and edited video that sees a range of smash & grabs and robberies from a renegade crew accompanies Blake's new single that sees him taking things back in a more experimental, minimalist dance floor direction. James Blake's new album Playing Robots Into Heaven is out August 9 via Republic.

Jeff Rosenstock - Doubt

A dread-inducing anime-influenced video matches the tension of cult-New York muso's new single of emotional indie rock. Jeff Rosenstock's new album HELLMODE is out September 1 via Polyvinyl.

Shady Nasty - G SHOCK

Eora/Sydney-based trio further hone their unique brand of electronic-infused alternative post-punk hip hop vibes as well as delivering another clever & creative video that pairs suburban footage with glitchy editing and overlays.

Slow Pulp - Slugs

Dreamy 90s alt-rock vibes for modern times with a sunny, desert road-trip themed video are a winning pair on American four-piece's new single. Slow Pulp's new album Yard is out August 29 via Anti-.

Speedy Ortiz - Plus One

American indie rockers' new single of rollicking alt-rock vibes is a wild ride featuring a number of random settings, with a gigantic killer rabbit stealing the show. Speedy Ortiz's new album Rabbit Rabbit is out September 1 via Wax Nine.

Stormzy - Longevity Flow

It's a game of "spot-the-cameo" on Stormzy's new one, with appearances from fellow MCs Dave and J Hus, F1 legend Lewis Hamilton and even Tom Cruise as Stormzy gets back on his bars.

Enjoy all these tunes as well as our favourite singles of the week and a stack of other new music we've been feeling in our Office playlist, updated (almost) daily.

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