The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 22

The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 22

Soak up the best new sights and sounds of the week including music videos from Bodysync, Dave Mason, James Blake, Jen Cloher, King Stingray and more!

Image: Still from Body Meat's 'North Side' video

Music videos are artistic extensions of the songs themselves, with many visual accompaniments becoming just as, if not more iconic than the songs they were created for. As usual, some of our favourite songs of the week also had some of our favourite videos, with this week's list including Action Bronson, Body Meat, Bodysync, Dave Mason, dogworld, GIMMY, James Blake, Jen Cloher, King Stingray and SPEED!

Action Bronson - Nourish a Thug

Our favourite Albanian-American food connoisseur, unexpected fitness influencer and legendary rapper Action Bronson is gearing up for his new album with a fresh single of classic AB vibes, pairing a piano-heavy beat with Bronson’s distinct, gravelly vocals spitting bars as hilarious and absurd as ever. The cinematic music video sees AB load up a four wheel drive and hit the forest, with a mysterious plot involving maps and Action being tailed unfolding, before ending on a cliffhanger as we wait for the next video… Action Bronson’s new album Johann Sebastian Bachlava The Doctor is out later this year.

Body Meat - North Side

Equal parts intriguing, experimental and melodic, Body Meat’s new single is a cut of auto-tune heavy exploratory electronic pop that features a very unexpected switch up halfway through, evolving into an abstract rap track as the beat kicks in and singing turns to bars. The equally bizarre music video looks like footage from some very early 2000s RPG video game - as it turns out Chris Taylor of Body Meat is actually creating said game, with the blot alluded to in the music video. Body Meat’s new album Starchris is out August 23 via Partisan.

Bodysync - Babies

Ryan Hemsworth and Giraffage are at it again as Bodysync, just a few weeks on from their last single and delightful music video. This time the pair go downtempo four to the floor vibes, pairing squelchy bass lines with some classic rave samples. The music video puts a disturbing spin on the track’s titles, with a crew sporting some pretty weird looking baby masks as they hit the streets for some tagging and skating action, as well as catching some waves. Bodysync’s new album NUTTY is out June 28 via Buddies Inc.

Dave Mason - March Forward

Former frontman of one of Australia’s most iconic and respected bands The Reels, Dave Mason has readied a short film soundtrack due out in July, with March Forward the first taste. A charming cut of synthy new wavey vibes, the instrumental cut comes alongside a short snippet of the short film crafted by Sydney filmmaker Julie Cunningham in the early 80s,  "Double X and the Unmentionable Underbelly Of His-story", and it’s an entrancing, trippy animated affair that pairs perfectly with Mason’s composition. Double X is out July 19 via Chapter Music.

dogworld - FISHSACK

Hitting us in all of the feels this week are emerging Naarm / Melbourne post-punk quartet dogworld, whose new single FISHSACK balances the heavy and melodic dichotomy perfectly, effortlessly switching from mellow verses to fuzzy, distorted choruses in addictive fashion. Meanwhile, the music video sees a collage of footage of the band in various locations, interspersed with footage of the Melbourne streets and suburbs, matching the vibe of the single perfectly.

GIMMY - Where Are You Going?

With her new album out now, Byron Region’s Gemma Owens AKA Gimmy gives us one last single in the form of the contemplative indie folk rock of Where Are You Going? As has been the case with all the singles from the album, the single comes with a captivating and nostalgic music video, this time shot around GIMMY’s house and streets, with some awesome costumes and a theme of pouring paint throughout. GIMMY’s new album Things Look Different Now is out now via Third Eye Stimuli, and stay tuned for our interview with Gemma dropping next week!

James Blake - Thrown Around

James has outdone himself on this one! Influenced by the music he loved growing up, Thrown Around has a bit of a Happy Mondays meets britpop vibe with (what sound like) acoustic drums alongside ravey piano vibes and Blake’s charming vocals. The music video, however, steals the show as it showcases Blake’s acting chops. Initially poking fun at social media consultants and posting inauthentic bullshit, the video soon takes a turn as Blake literally gets thrown around as he gets into some scuffles on the London streets.

Jen Cloher - Annabelle

Longtime fave Jen Cloher dropped a surprise new single this week ahead of a seven date national tour in the form of tender new single, Annabelle. A sweeping, majestic cut of mellow indie rock, the video for Annabelle puts a spin on “Bake Off” programs with a regional twist, ending in a slow-mo cake fight. Out now via Remote Control Records.

King Stingray - Best Bits

Check out what we said about King Stingray’s new earworm and heartwarming, nostalgic video earlier in the week.


An album we’re very pumped for at Pilerats is the new one from Sydney’s finest hardcore band, SPEED. Following up the epic Real Life Love, they returned this week with a blistering new cut. Weighing in at just 2 minutes and 12 seconds, The First Test crams more ideas in than most tracks double (or triple) their length. With a classic SPEED first half of blistering hardcore, the track flips on its head for the second half as the goes all instrumental breakdown, taking cues from hip hop and nu metal, with some flute and a record scratch thrown in for good measure. Mirroring the vibe of the track, the video opens with the guys singing their hearts out surrounded by a throng of fans, before heading to an underground car park to jam out the second half. SPEED’s new album ONLY ONE MODE is out July 12 via Last Ride Records / Flatspot Records.

Enjoy all these tunes as well as our favourite singles of the week and a stack of other new music we've been feeling in our Spotify playlist.

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