Printout: Israeli Girls by Dafy Hagal

Printout: Israeli Girls by Dafy Hagal

I've only come across Dafy's work in the last year and I can't get enough.

Welcome to 'Printout' where once a week we and our likeminded friends review and take you through zines and other printed material that we love and or you send us! This weeks pick by Lloyd Stubber, accomplished photographer and man at the helm of Bloom Publishing.

'Israeli Girls' by Dafy Hagai (Self Published)

I've only come across Dafy's work in the last year and I can't get enough. So far she's self published four zines but my favourite would have to be "Israeli Girls". The title is filled with beautiful photographs of, you got it, Israeli Girls, taken throughout her hometown Tel Aviv. Not to mention it's made so well you'll think twice about how much you sell your next xerox zine for.

Head over to her (greatly named) webstore and grab one before they're all gone.





Whether you like it or not, print is back in a big way. From your good ol' xerox zine to a shmick linen cover, everybody is either doing it themselves or starting their own imprint. So in light of this, I'll be pulling one off my shelf once (or twice) a month to tell you a little bit about what you're missing out on. Want to have the chance to have your title reviewed on here?

Shoot an email to for more details! 

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