Video - Dizzee Rascal, 'Pagans'

Video - Dizzee Rascal, 'Pagans'

Dizzee Rascal follows up his gruesome Halloween exclusive with Pagans, a new track and video that goes in like a fly kick to the head.

After bouncing back onto the scene in a flurry of spurting blood and ripped bedsheets in his nutso, next-level Halloween exclusive Couple of Stacks, Britain's most legendary MC Dizzee Rascal just premiered Pagans (prod. by Footsie), which takes the next level comes after the next level. 

The video takes on the form of an Asian martial arts film spoof, replete with chapters, with Dizzee showing off his talent for kung fu. The reference to Asian culture could be seen as a throwback to Dizzee's first ever album, made at age 19, Boy In Da Corner, which utilised Asian synths and plucked strings, bringing international texture to his East London garage style.  

"Some people think I'm bonkers...there's nothing crazy about me?" rapped Dizzee back in 2009. Six years on, and 100% can confirm Dizzee is truly bonkers. Also, still a visionary. 

Watch it below:


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