Introducing - Tora

Introducing - Tora

Beautifully chilled beats out of Byron Bay.

Sometimes you hear a track from a band that you've never heard of before and it actually makes you stop checking Facebook etc. for three-and-a-half minutes. Yesterday that track was Overcome feat. Potato Potato, from a five-piece outta Byron Bay called Tora. You might even send them a Q&A straight-away, and they might even reply even quicker. Immerse yourself in Tora's SOUNDCLOUD, because it's all killer.

Tell us about about yourselves?

We are five guys in our early 20s from Byron Bay who have a dangerous obsession with music and strive to make unique sounds that anyone can enjoy. Our entire worlds revolves around the fans for whom we make our music. We like to be resourceful so all of our art is made internally and when we need something done we just learn how to do it ourselves.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We have lots of new music on the way that have many different feelings packed into them. Some are chilled/downtempo and others upbeat and groove-based, but all will contain the fundamentals of Tora. We call our sound Chillwave. 

Production/writing process:

We generally write the songs as we record and produce them. We start making songs differently each time, but for vocals most of the time we just plug the mic in and sing the first melody that comes to our head. Once we’ve got the structure down we spend a few days getting the mix right, adding last bits of production and we complete it with our own master.

What do you do outside of Tora?

Outside of Tora we are all best friends so we spend most days together, some of us work but most of our time is taken up with Tora, so when we aren’t doing that we just get down and spend time in the sun with good people.

Any shows coming up?

Jai has gone to India for a month so we are spending this time writing, but we have a few shows coming up in July, one of which will be the Falcony party at the Beach Hotel, Byron Bay on July 24. 

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

This year is going to be quite big for us I believe, you can expect to hear lots of new songs in the coming months and we have plans for touring in the works. Overcome is actually one of two or more songs that we are releasing with Potato Potato, so you can expect more of that quite soon. Cannot disclose too much just yet but we will be putting it all on FACEBOOK, so stay close.

Where can we hear more of your music?

We believe that people should only pay for music if they love it, so we put all our music on our Soundcloud for free, if people want to buy it they can pay what they want at BANDCAMP.

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