Pilerats' 10 Days Of Christmas #8

Pilerats' 10 Days Of Christmas #8

A couple of sweet selections from the Noap Studio Summer 14/15 Collection.

We're feeling a bit, um, "Christmassy" so we've taken it upon ourselves to launch the inaugural Pilerats' 10 Days Of X-Mas - a different giveaway will be up for grabs each day leading up to December 25.

Yes, we're aware it's supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas. But there's a limit to how much we can suck up to people for free stuff ;)

The legends at WA-based menswear label Noap Studio have been behind the Rats since day dot, chucking ads in the earliest issues of the magazine (RIP), and generally lording since then. Check out an interview we did with them earlier this year HERE, along with a supremely rad exhibition they held HERE. If you're gonna sell clothes with imagery, NOAP Studio are a good example of doing it right - their Lookbooks are always on-point; awesomely shot so it's not just like you're being sold stuff, but just looking at some epic photos.

Here's the press pitch for the Lookbook you're about to see: "Noap Studio is proud to announce the launch of its latest collection for Summer 2014/2105 (southern hemisphere). This will be the labels fourth collection to date, which also completes the first official 12 months of trading. The Summer collection includes the existing styles of t-shirts, woven shirts and accessories with the addition of technical stretch boardshorts and Japanese influenced ‘Summer Pullovers’ to the range. This collection’s lookbook was photographed over two days travelling and camping in the remote community of Wedge Island (Western Australia). The campaign explores the diverse and otherworldly landscapes as well as the DIY style shacks that are prominent in the area."

The collection is currently available in selected boutiques and online at www.noapstudio.com, and check our Giveaway details down the bottom.

noapsummerlookbook 1

noapsummerlookbook 2

noapsummerlookbook 3

noapsummerlookbook 4

noapsummerlookbook 5

noapsummerlookbook 6

noapsummerlookbook 7

noapsummerlookbook 8

noapsummerlookbook 9

noapsummerlookbook 10

noapsummerlookbook 11

noapsummerlookbook 12

noapsummerlookbook 13

noapsummerlookbook 14

noapsummerlookbook 15

noapsummerlookbook 16

noapsummerlookbook 17

noapsummerlookbook 18

noapsummerlookbook 19

noapsummerlookbook 20

noapsummerlookbook 21

We've got an Outdoorsmen Eye T-shirt and a Striped Summer Pullover ($140 RRP all up) to giveaway - email info@pilerats.com with 'NOAP STUDIO'.

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