Pilerats 10 Days Of X-Mas #2

Pilerats 10 Days Of X-Mas #2

Flicks al fresco - Luna Outdoor is open for the summer. WIN a dbl pass!

We're feeling a bit, um, "Christmassy" so we've taken it upon ourselves to launch the inaugural Pilerats' 10 Days Of X-Mas - a different giveaway will be up for grabs each day leading up to December 25.

Yes, we're aware it's supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas. But there's a limit to how much we can suck up to people for free stuff ;)

Did you know Luna Leederville has an Outdoor Cinema right next to the main cinema? Well, now you know. Take advantage of this useful knowledge and head down there this summer – there’s bean bags (have tested, v. comfortable), tables and chairs (if you prefer to sit café style when you’re at the movies), and full access to the Luna Lounge Bar. Pick a flick, grab a pizza from Siena’s or Little Caesar’s up the road, sprinkle it with popcorn, hold tight to your plastic cup of house white while you negotiate a beanbag, and then just sit back and THRIVE. Here’s some assistance on the flick picking side of things, we’ve chosen some highlights you can’t miss:


Advance screenings Fri Dec 12 – Sun Dec 14
Begins Fri Dec 26, runs until Wed Dec 31, 8.15pm nightly. Buy Tickets HERE.

The Bill Murray role his fans have been waiting for – a debut feature from indie filmmaker Theodore Melfi, St. Vincent's protagonist is a drinking, gambling, cussing old fogie, who lives with his Persian cat and whose only friends are a Russian stripper (Naomi Watts) that he’s gotten pregnant, and an an old woman at a retirement home. Murray becomes an unlikely role model for the teenage boy next door,  Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher), taking the kid to the races, to strip clubs, and in the meantime showing he’s not such a grouch after all etc. Part dark comedy, part heartstring tugger, all entertaining. – Dani Marsland



Thu Feb 5 – Wed Feb 11, 8.15pm nightly.
Buy Tickets HERE.

New one from the director of Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love and Boogie Nights – the wondrous Paul Thomas Anderson. This is the first ever adaptation of a Thomas Pynchon novel called Inherent Vice, a cult classic set in 1970s, drug-fueled Los Angeles, focusing on detective Larry 'Doc' Sportello, played in the film by Joaquin Phoenix, as he investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend. Anderson’s take on the novel puts Anderson in an environment he knows well – California – and he places the viewer deep into the dope culture’s trippy, hazy centre. The huge cast of stars includes Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, singer Joanna Newsom, Maya Rudolph and more. Looks like a total trip, can’t wait for this one. – Dani Marsland

inherent vice


Wed Dec 17, 8.15pm.
Buy Tickets HERE.

If you like Flight of The Conchords, or the films Boy or Eagle v Shark, you’re going to lose it when you see Taika Waititi’s new one What We Do In The Shadows. Jemaine Clement directs and performs in this mockumentary about three vampire flatmates just living life in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s mostly lacking a plot and any kind of sophistivation, but it’s super likeable - silly and scary, kind of like Aussie horror film The Loved Ones, if you’ve seen that before. Rhys Darby also stars. Those Kiwis will make you leave the cinema chuckling to yourself, trust me.  – Dani Marsland

what we do in the shadows


Thur Jan 15 – Wed Jan 21, 8.15pm nightly
Buy Tickets HERE.

This one ties into my Batman fetish – Michael Keaton did play the original movie version of Batman after all. And this movie looks like it plays to that history, while also being all kinds of weird. A surrealist black comedy about a fallen actor who used to play comic book characters, trying to start his own play, only to seemingly finally become that comic book character? Maybe it’s my never-say-die love for the under-appreciated Michael Keaton, but this looks great.  – Troy Mutton

birdman film 


Thanks to Luna Outdoor, we have 3 x inseason doubles to Luna Outdoor up for grabs. For your chance to win a double pass, email info@pilerats.com with your full name and 'Luna Outdoor Giveaway' as the heading. Winners drawn Wed Dec 17, 5pm.




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