No Money Weekend

No Money Weekend

Attention all cheapskates and cheap dates.

An important part of being an adult is learning how to manage a budget. When you learn how to do that, please let us know because we still haven't figured it out. We prefer this method: lose track of how much money you're spending on everything, end up broke by Friday afternoon, and rely on the $10 in spare change you found on the floor of your car (more life advice: don't clean your car) to get you through the weekend. When you've been making do on a tenner every weekend you learn pretty quickly how to avoid doing expensive shit, so we're here to share our learnings with you. Think of us as that token, wise older sibling that's been around forever and always knows where to go to score... free stuff. 

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If you like seeing bands that are energetic, talented but still not afraid to take the piss out of themselves, Doctopus are for you. For a fiver tonight you can get up close and sweaty with Doctopus’ always memorable psychedelia-infused grubby grunge. You’ll also get a generous serving of Man in the Clouds’ soulful psych-blues, Ben Witt (ex-The Chemist), and Chief Richards (known to many as Peter Bibby). – Dani Marsland

Fri Dec 12, 8pm -12am, The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge. $5 on the door.


Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller originally created this mediated walk, called The City Of Forking Paths, through the The Rocks as part of the Beinnale of Sydney last year. But now the City of Sydney have decided to keep this program, that augments reality in order to show you how The Rocks have changed over time. The walk itself melds both visuals and voice together to create a truly immersive experience if you follow the instructions. Indeed, to get the most out of it you must really hold the device you have within your line of sight alongside some decent headphones. And if you haven’t either of these then you can borrow both an iPod touch and headphones from Customs house. – Liam Apter

Till Dec 31, Customs House, Sydney. Only available after dusk.


A few weeks back we gave you a cheeky look into the latest collection from Perth-based label Wolfgang and Sons, created by the same designers behind Salasai. The collection focuses on manly basics, done well, while colours take on the world’s own natural earth and sea palette: dark and light blue, black and army green. The Black Wall, who stock the range, are cracking open a few beers to christen the collection – head down to check out the new kit from Wolfgang, explore the rest of The Black Wall retail space, and enjoy a Saturday night beverage. – Dani Marsland 

Sat Dec 13, 6pm – 9pm. Shop 1, 30 Jarrod St, Cottesloe. Free. 


Independent Perth events collective / record label Good Company recently found a bricks-and-mortar home in a beaut space in Subiaco, where they’ve got their alternative and left-field selections displayed very nicely on the walls, and where’s there’s some comfy chairs and record players waiting for you to listen. On Tuesday it’s a special ladies night at Good Company, where all girls are welcome to come along and share music they’ve been vibing and have a casual rinse. RTRFM Full Frequency Friday presenter Rok Riley will give some basic Vinyl DJing 101 tutelage, too. BYO sparkling rose. – Dani Marsland 

Tue Dec 16, 7pm. Good Company Records, 267 Hay St, Subiaco. Free (but maybe bring some money to buy records if you like!)


As part of Wonderland the Brisbane Powerhouse is celebrating mad, sultry and plain funny over a series of summer evenings by the river. With a variety of these events carrying a price minus their Food markets it seems only worthwhile to talk about the cuisines on show. Bringing together over 20 food trucks, see the Facebook events for the full line-up, the markets will also feature live music, burlesque performances, comedy shows, cabaret and a live circus in the Powerhouse Plaza. - Liam Apter 

Till Dec 14, 5pm-10pm everyday. Powerhouse Plaza: The Powerhouse Brisbane, 119 Lamington Street, New Farm, Brisbane


On William’s temporary summer night markets are always a runaway hit every summer in Perth (they’ve been doing them four years running). Probably because unlike most markets, they refrain from offering crappy handicraft and jam and homemade candles and instead ask young, bright artisans to make decent art and other creative stuff that you’d actually not feel embarrassed giving to people as gifts. Also, they offer a tonne of food stalls in a perfect location midway between the city and Northbridge / Mount Lawley, so it’s a good place to chow down / central enough to meet mates on your way home / into NB for drinks from work / Christmas shopping / whatever else you do in the CBD. Oh, and there’s real hot home made cinnamon donuts. This is a no Krispy Kreme zone.  – Dani Marsland

Fri Dec 12 & Sat Dec 13, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge. 5pm – 10pm. More vendor / stall details here


Traditionally they were only open by appointment, Badger & Fox Gallery have opened their doors to the public, to share a treasure trove of heritage photos from both Australian and international artists. Featuring early photos from Max Dupain and legends like Bill Henson it seems a worthwhile trip to Surry Hills to see some rare pics of how things used to be. – Liam Apter

Till Dec 21, Badger & Fox Gallery, Sydney. Wednesday-Friday 6pm-9pm. Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.


The one thing that I remember and that will always stick in my mind is the enduring presence of the farting dog in contemporary surf fashion. And after thirty years of challenging the overly-branded surf industry, Mambo are having an exhibition to celebrate their achievements so far. The exhibition is being held at the National Gallery of Victoria with it being curated by Eddie Zammit, the current owner of Mambo, Angus Kingsmill and the first art director of the brand, Wayne Golding. – Liam Apter

Till Feb 22, Ian Potter Centre: National Gallery of Victoria, Cnr Russell & Flinders Streets, Melbourne. 

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