Video: Tchami - Promesses

Video: Tchami - Promesses

Go storm-chasing to the tune of Tchami's banger, Promesses.

The father of future-house will soon be back in the country for Future Music Festival, and any time we find some news that's Tchami-related is fine by us. This video clip is a couple of weeks old, but we only just stumbled upon it today so we're gonna fucking talk about it. Why? Because it's pretty beautifully shot, and tells a pretty cool (although sadly fictional story) about Oaklahama's Struckist Subculture. What's a struckist? I'm assuming it means someone who chases lightning, because that's what seems to be happening in this video. And what a merry band of misfits they are - tieing forks to their persons, dressing up in full armour, all to attract the lure of the lightning, and get some sweet electrified body art in the process.


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