Video: Tchami - Promesses

Video: Tchami - Promesses

Go storm-chasing to the tune of Tchami's banger, Promesses.

The father of future-house will soon be back in the country for Future Music Festival, and any time we find some news that's Tchami-related is fine by us. This video clip is a couple of weeks old, but we only just stumbled upon it today so we're gonna fucking talk about it. Why? Because it's pretty beautifully shot, and tells a pretty cool (although sadly fictional story) about Oaklahama's Struckist Subculture. What's a struckist? I'm assuming it means someone who chases lightning, because that's what seems to be happening in this video. And what a merry band of misfits they are - tieing forks to their persons, dressing up in full armour, all to attract the lure of the lightning, and get some sweet electrified body art in the process.


Pilerats 10 Days Of X-Mas #2

Flicks al fresco - Luna Outdoor is open for the summer. WIN a dbl pass!

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New Music - Kitty, '❄♡Frostbite♡❄' EP

Danny Brown's fave female rapper Kitty makes a drastic move into pop with new EP '❄♡Frostbite♡❄'

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New Music: Oisima - Sun Of Truth Feat. Mei Saraswati

Oisima returns with an out of this world single featuring Perth darling Mei Saraswati.

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Smile You Son Of A Bitch - A Jaws Art Tribute

So this looked like the best exhibition ever.

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