New Music: Roland Tings - Pala

New Music: Roland Tings - Pala

A new drop of diamond-life dance from Melbourne magic-maker Roland Tings.

What else to do on these sticky summer nights but boogie. And who better to bring the boogie than OdysseyI want to be...inside ouuuutttt....out, out, out... If you'd prefer to leave your dancefloor legends back in the 70s, you've got the alternate option of checking out Melbourne producer Roland Tings, the only guy who can bring as much heat to the floor as there is in the air right now. 

Have been a fan of Tings' effervescent, vintage-synth-heavy disco-house since the corker he put out on LA imprint 100% silk, Milky Way, back in 2012. If you can find a track that progresses in a more delightful way than Loose Jaw, please let me know, because the way Tings turns gentle bounce into retro piano house hook into whizz-bang bright electronic explosion in that track brings me back to it over and over again in my listening. The slip-slidey percussion of the track on the flip, Roland's Beat, is also easy to vibe.

After a brief hiatus, Tings is back with a new track, Pala... and a new album, too! Later this month, Tings will put out his self-titled debut on Norwegian legend Prins Thomas's imprint, Internasjonal. We really hope he calls it It's A Ting Thing!, but realise the chances of this are highly unlikely. The chances it will be filled with end-to-end diamond life dance dubs, however, is something we'll put our money on.

We're giving you the full embed below 'coz the artwork is kinda, very, dope, and you can see Roland Tings live when he jumps on the Chet Faker national tour - check dates HERE.

p.s. bonus boogie!

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