Welcome To The Fam: Càbãnå

Welcome To The Fam: Càbãnå

It's our pleasure to welcome Càbãnå to Pilerats Records and their debut single - Done As Dinner.

Having been sitting on this one for a while, today it is our incredibly great privilege to welcome the newest member to our Pilerats Records family - Cabana. Beavering away on their debut EP for the best part of a year, Cabana are a three-piece indie-rock band made up of 18 year olds Avi & Nushi, along with their best mate and 17-year-old veteran of the game - Gab Strum AKA Japanese Wallpaper. You'll most likely see them hanging around the south side of Melbourne, but you probably won't find them in the mall, or the beach, rather crammed into studio spaces across the city, making music since as far back as they can remember. Cabana’s first single and first taste of that EP we speak of is the huge Done As Dinner, finally unleashed on the world today after getting its first spin on Triple J's 2014 program last night with Dom Alessio.

Having listened to it more times than we care to admit, to say we're excited to finally get it into your ears would be selling it very, very short. Mastered by Malcolm Besley (North East Party House) Done As Dinner is the perfect introduction to Cabana, and the Australian summer ahead.

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