Golden Features' Golden Treasures

Golden Features' Golden Treasures

A few of Golden Features' favourite things.

Header photo via AdamNOTeve / CAN'T SAY.

CIRCO Festival is so freaking close AKA Saturday June 28 for those playing at home (go BUY SOME TICKETS if you haven't already), and one of the artists we are most excited about is Golden Features. The mysteriously masked man dropped a cracking (free) EP on us at the start of the year and has been backing it up with some huge sets since then. Over that time we've slowly learned more about the producer, whose real name is Tom Stell from Sydney, formerly of big room EDM duo Kyro & Bomber.

We asked Stell to take a few photos of his favourite things, so peel a few more layers back behind the mask, and get amped for CIRCO Festival.



First things first, this is my face. It was fabricated by the amazing people at Big Kahuna Industries who have made props for a bunch of movies including The Matrix. For anybody wondering, it's extremely hard to see through.



Next up is my Zoom H6 portable recorder. When I'm not producing music I'm usually huddled in my bathroom recording cans of Coke opening to use in songs down the line.



This is a picture of my first ever Golden Features show at the HardStraylia party on Anzac Day. Two weeks out from the gig I had no visuals, no mask and hadn't touched CDJs for a few months. Luckily everything came together and went off without a hitch in the end. First time I'd ever played a set where the best reactions were to me playing my own music, I was genuinely blown away.



This is my cat. She often forgets to put her tongue back in her mouth and walks around the house like this for half an hour or so. She really should be first on this list.



I used to have this photo on my wall, even though I lost it moving I still love it. There's something to be said about taking risks and this picture sums it up pretty well. Do what makes you happy, no matter the cost.

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