New Music: Django Django – First Light

New Music: Django Django – First Light

Django Django have dropped their fiery energy but kept their zany synths in their new single First Light.

First Light is our first sign of Django Django potentially shifting away from psychedelic jaggly indie-pop into a far more reserved synth-driven voyage. Indeed the track seems to embrace the use of synths over their previous tracks which played guitars, drums and synths off against each other. Highlighting a change from break-out tunes like Default with its catchy drum beat, instead First Light draws its appeal through a very '80s styled use of synths and a deep seated bass line. Which is really pushed in the uplifting chorus that is somewhat dragged down by the slightly monotonous voice of Vincent Neff. So while First Light doesn’t carry the explosive energy of their earlier work it does signal a shift in sonic direction towards more ponderous and varied synth-driven tracks. 


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