ART: Flowermouth - 'Nostalgia' EP

ART: Flowermouth - 'Nostalgia' EP

ART: Flowermouth 'Nostalgia' EP Artwork

Another Perth release I was really happy to be a part of.

More of this EP package and others on my work blog here

Client: Flowermouth / Hindsight Records


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New Music: Porsches - Horses

Summer-vibes abound on Horses, a teaser from fresh Australian project Porsches.

8 years ago


Pilerats' 10 Days Of Christmas #10

Next level listening with speciality headphones from Headphonic.

8 years ago

Shred The Gnar Festival

The Smith Street Band, Break Even and other bloody good bands are coming to Perth for an all ages festival.

8 years ago

Step-Panther - It Came From The Heart

It's time for another taster from Step-Panther's upcoming album.

8 years ago