New Music: Floria - Bring It Back

New Music: Floria - Bring It Back

Floria is a young Brisbane producer taking on the future R&B sound.

The other week in his Mix-Up Exclusive for Nina Las Vegas, Pilerats Records producer Sable got the rap fan in me a bit riled up when he threw some cheeky raps into his mix: bookended by Danny Brown, and Rich Homie Quan's Some Type of Way, was a futuristic R & B track with a Ty Dolla $ign-style golden vocal. A bit of Twitter digging uncovered that it was a little sneak peek into new material from young Brisbane producer Floria, and to keep our eyes peeled for its imminent release.

floria producerAbove: Floria

We didn’t have to wait long – today Floria premiered Bring It Back via Acid Stag, and it’s a dream for anyone whose idea of a good time lies in seductive, vocal crooning over a wavvy contemporary beat. The artwork is on point too. I’m not going to reference The Weekend because every other article is going to do that, instead I’ll say that in a year of hosting Cloudwaves, a radio show focused on modern, alternative R & B, Floria’s the first Australian producer whose got anything on the international artists who are nailing the sound right now, and that's got me feeling some type of excited way!


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