Pilerats' 10 Days Of Christmas #5: Outré Gallery

Pilerats' 10 Days Of Christmas #5: Outré Gallery

Win a signed, framed print from the artist behind Radiohead's most iconic covers.

We're feeling a bit, um, "Christmassy" so we've taken it upon ourselves to launch the inaugural Pilerats' 10 Days Of X-Mas - a different giveaway will be up for grabs each day leading up to December 25.

Yes, we're aware it's supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas. But there's a limit to how much we can suck up to people for free stuff ;)

Art is basically the best present you can buy anyone, ever, period. How many presents contain the ability to be something that is seen every single day for the rest of a person's life, and that makes them feel better, or sets off their imagination, everytime they look at it? If you shy away from art as a present because you think it’s too expensive, or you don’t know where to find interesting, non-commercial art – let us fill you in on the awesome Outré Gallery, an independent art retailer making it easy to purchase dope, alternative art at an accessible price.  Outré Gallery is midway between art shop and gallery, within the space there's a new and ever-changing salon selection of artworks on display, as well as stock from Outré Gallery favourites kozyndan, Shag, Angelique Houtkamp, Jen Lobo and more. Theirs is an incredible selection of art from abroad, focusing on more alternative art traditions, such as low brow, street art, modern folk, retro art and more. If it’s art that’s unique, strange, wonderful, Outré Gallery will know about it, and there’s plenty of contextual crossover in their range to music, design and pop culture. The staff live and breathe art, which is awesome, plenty of the shop’s staff are artists themselves, you might come across Martin Wills, whose made a name for himself around the place for his bright, retro sci-fi murals.

Outré Gallery have multiple editions of works available, there’s always limited editions if you want something rare/unique, and there’s unframed print options, so you’ve got the option of getting it framed to your taste at your own framer. As well as art, there’s posters, cult art and culture books and magazines, collectible vinyl toys and other art-inspired oddities.

Outré Gallery know how much you guys dig art and design, and they’ve hooked us up with a pretty, pretty amazing prize pack. One lucky Pilerats reader will win a framed print from British artist Stanley Donwood, ‘Treasure Island’, valued at $115. You might be familiar with Donwood’s visuals – he’s created all of Radiohead (and Thom Yorke’s) iconic poster and album art since the mid ‘90s, as well as the majority of the artwork for music festival Glastonbury. His striking, vibrant works have captured the alienation and intensity of one of the most celebrated bands of all time – that’s no mean feat! The Treasure Island print is signed by the artist, and embossed with the KID A logo just beneath Donwood’s signature. Also included in the prize is a book from Outré Gallery’s collection called Tattoo Parlour, a stunning array of works from tattoo artists from around the globe, valued at $30.

To enter, email info@pilerats.com with the subject line ‘Outré Gallery Giveaway’.  

You can purchase art online via the Outre Online Shop, but we’d recommend experiencing the store at 260 William Street, Northbridge. If you’re reading this right now and you’re thinking, ‘Man, how great are Pilerats. I’d really like to buy that website something nice for Christmas’, know that websites are made up of humans that have postal addresses that are able to receive deliveries of art from Outré Gallery. Heh.

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