New: Naik - Visit From Hell

New: Naik - Visit From Hell

Naik is launching his single, Visit From Hell, at The Bakery and you should be there.

Naik man has been ticking away for a few years now and is known for his eclectic music style which brings together warped guitar lines, psychedelica and snarling hip hop. Furthermore, Naik is also releasing the first single, Visit From Hell, off his second album, and to celebrate he's having a single launch at The Bakery this Friday 15 November in Perth. Furthermore, Naik is bringing along his mates Mathas (who we recently got to interview Allday), Lower Spectrum and Henry Kissinger, along with good friend of the Pile and the legend responsible for the mind-altering visuals at CIRCO Festival - COMBS. Check out this preview of what you can expect this Saturday, because it looks f'in incredible:

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