Introducing - Go Freek

Introducing - Go Freek

Meet one of our favourite producer duos of the moment.

Sydney duo Go Freek are one of my favourite acts going around at the moment. They were pretty much the reason I wrote THIS article about house music (which also led to a SECOND article, mind), and I actually get excited at the thought of playing their tunes out. Something about their sound, one they've coined 'gutter tech' - and it's pretty bloody apt - just does great things in my headphones and on the d-floor. They're currently balls deep in a NATIONAL TOUR, and answered a few questions to help you get to know 'em a little better.

Who are you?

We are two guys: Caleb and Ruslan, and we are both from Wollongong (about an hour south of Sydney). 

How'd you meet?

We used to be resident DJs in the same club down in Wollongong a few years back. We both definitely shared a passion for drinking/partying, and we soon learned that we also shared a dislike for generic club music. This eventually lead to the pseudonym Go Freek being created, with the intention of creating music we liked, with no boundaries.

What kinda tunes we talking?

Our Manager Mick recently dubbed our style "gutter tech", and we have been running with that. It's really the perfect description… we feel that our tunes are a little bit techy, a little bit ghetto, a little bit deep but definitely will some old school electro influence.

Production/writing process?

We both put a lot of effort into our sound design, spending countless hours trying to make fresh new sounds for all of our productions. Funnily enough, we also both work a lot better on our own, sending projects back and forth via Dropbox. If we get together to write tunes, we always end up getting sidetracked (stuck on Facebook and Youtube).

What do you do outside of Go Freek?

At this point in time, Go Freek is definitely our main focus, and we have both sort of culled all other work commitments to entirely apply ourselves to the project. Outside of working on music (which takes the majority of our time), we enjoy surfing, diving, talking about music, and of course, partying. 

Any shows coming up?

We just kicked off our debut national tour in conjunction with our latest Way You Dance EP, and we have a few shows left around the country.


What does the rest of the year have in store?

We just plan to play a heap of shows around the country and keep focusing on our productions. We also plan to cut right back on the amount of remixes we are doing, concentrating alot more on original work. We have the Way You Dance" EP out now through Sweat it out, and we plan to follow it up with a single sometime later in the year with a killer remix package!

Where can we hear more of your music?


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