New Music: Two Can & Father Dude - Double Edge

New Music: Two Can & Father Dude - Double Edge

Two Can has teamed up with Father Dude to drop a burning future R & B track titled Double Edge.

Two Can have teamed up with singer Father Dude to drop some searing hot future R & B in the form of Double Edge. The track appears on the Hegemon SoundCloud, which also features songs from Just a Gent and GRMM, giving Double Edge a stamp of authenticity before it's even played. The merging of the soulful vocals of Father Dude and the future trap-orientated sound of Two Can makes you sit up and pay attention. Indeed, the melodic piano keys that leads into a trappy breakdown are complimented by the sugar-sweet vocals of Father Dude. And if you're digging the song you can also download the track for free HERE

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