Maker Agency

Maker Agency

A new agency on the scene featuring an old (see: wise) head.

Today sees the announcement of respected Aussie booking agent and general legend Alastair Green's new booking agency, MAKER, following his departure as head of electronic music at Artist Voice. According to Al, MAKER is a double-edged sword - one one side providing a highly-customised personal experience, on the other developing a community where artists can support one another and grow together...

"We're utilising effective technologies and outsourcing administrative functions to industry specialists so we can focus on what makes us strong. We want to spend as much time as possible connecting with our family of artists to build, foster and develop new opportunities and maximise the potential of each artist we represent." 

He'll be joined by the dapper-looking chap on the right in the photo above, Jon Debeere, who has worked with Al plenty in the past, touring a diverse range of internationals such as Bloc Party, DJ Funk, Branchez, Sweater Beats and more.

It's no secret we're big fans of Mr Green - he looks after our boy Sable, so we're pretty excited to see what he does with MAKER agency, and looking at his roster so far, one envisions plenty of awesome shit to come. Head to the MAKER Agency WEBSITE for more info, and marvel at the glorious roster below:

Alley Oop, Anna Lunoe, Bad Ezzy, Basenji, Butcher, Caseno, Cassian, Charlie Chux, Chela, Cosmo’s Midnight, Emoh Instead, Felicity Groom, Gloves, Golden Features, Harris Robotis, Hoops, Indian Summer, Joyride, KLP, Lewi McKirdy, Light Year, Linda Marigliano, Motez, Nicholas Allbrook, Nina Las Vegas, Northbrook, Pond, Sable, Starfuckers, SÜFÜR, Swick, Tame Impala, Toni Toni Lee, Tyler Touché, Wave Racer, What So Not, Yolanda Be Cool

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