Golden Features - Tell Me Video Clip

Golden Features - Tell Me Video Clip

CIRCO hype machine Golden Features drops a rad clip for his single.

If you asked me to pitch you an idea for a video accompaniment to Golden Features dark and dirty banger Tell Me feat. Nicole Millar, I honestly would have struggled (but then it's not my job, soooo). But whoever pitched the idea you see below has absolutely hit the nail on its proverbial head. All moody and black and white and dark, I haven't seen a video clip this perfectly suited to the music in a long time. It looks like some kinda dystopian sci-fi epic in the Mad Max/Book Of Eli mould - basically it feels like a movie, one that I would be really happy to watch. In fact I was, completely hooked for three-and-a-half minutes, and that never happens. So enough of my rambling, enjoy it below, and Perthians can see him this Saturday at CIRCO Festival - click HERE for tickets, and click HERE for the time we asked him to take photos of his five goldenest treasures.

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