ROOM8 - Visions Of You

ROOM8 - Visions Of You

For fans of College, Anoraak, and other more recent French touch artists.

At the crossroad between electro-pop and film soundtracks from days gone by in the sci-fi/horror/fantasy realm comes California duo ROOM8. And it makes sense to be honest - this is the kind of music to put on in your cadillac as you're driving along America's west coast, '80s movie starlet by your side, cigarette smoke drifting in the breeze. Featuring another electronic duo Eletric Youth on the title track, plus remixes from so-hot-right-now Plastic Plates and Miami Nights 1984, along with b-side Geo, it's a killer package. Enjoy it below, follow ROOM8 on FACEBOOK, and head HERE to purchase Visions Of Youth.

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