See Bryan Cranston and James Franco duke it out in the Red Band trailer for Why Him?

See Bryan Cranston and James Franco duke it out in the Red Band trailer for Why Him?

The two mega stars face off in upcoming comedy.

Superstar actors Bryan Cranston and James Franco are preparing to face off later this year in upcoming film Why Him? in which Franco will play the boyfriend of Cranston's daughter, somehow hitting the middle line between previous Franco characters seen in Spring BreakersPineapple Express and the overexaggerated version of himself seen in This is the End. If the new Red Band trailer is anything to go by, it looks as though we may have a slightly less family-friendly 'Meet the Parents' to look forward to, but with the added bonus of Spiderman's Green Goblin facing off against Breaking Bad's Heisenberg. If you think you could turn that down, I really can't do anything more for you.

Watch the Restricted trailer below:

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