Like a pair of comfortable old sneakers, Damo & Darren are back at the traino

Like a pair of comfortable old sneakers, Damo & Darren are back at the traino

Where it all began.

It's been a while since dumbshit conversations between our favourite no-hoper duo Damo & Darren. Last seen milling around Centrelink and having a rough time, episode four in the seminal Australian serial of our times sees the twosome milling back around their favourite haunt - the train station. These skits have always had something of a political edge to them, examining Australia's lower class with a dark humour that goes for the jugular this time. Turns out Darren is, to the surprise of no one really, supremely racist. Of course, the man working at the train station trying to get them to stop smoking isn't overly happy about it. This series has never gone higher since the first one, and we're not sure if going darker is really gonna produce any upward trend in enjoyment.

Yep, we definitely just critically analysed a two minute YouTube cartoon about a couple of Aussie bludgers. Is it time for Friday beers yet?

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