The triple j Hottest 100 top 10 has already been sussed by Patrick: blogger, good with numbers

The triple j Hottest 100 top 10 has already been sussed by Patrick: blogger, good with numbers

Is anyone scared about Hottest 100's these days given how angry everyone gets?

After the absolute shitstorm that was the 2014 triple j Hottest 100 and that whole Taylor Swift thing, we're kinda approaching this year's poll with much trepidation. As the internet's collective voice gets louder, less filtered, and more angry, the number of pointless pontificating and arguments over things like polls is fucking stressful to think about. Even recently, with Courtney Barnett (in our opinion pretty deservedly) winning the J Award for album of the year, the amount of terrible people going HAM on the Aussie rocker was really depressing. Like sure, you don't like her music, that's cool, but in what world is it cool to personally attack someone for winning an award?

So, even though we're still waking up in cold sweats having flashbacks to last year #TaylorSwiftGate or whatever the hell people called it, it's time to start thinking about who will win this year. And weblogger completepatrick has already been thinking about it - a lot. Like HEAPS. In a post that went up today called the Ultimate Form Guide For The 2015 Triple J Hottest 100, Patrick has done a shitload of research into the history of the Hottest 100 to devise what he believes will be this year's Hottest 100 top 10, along with providing us with a host of odd facts that only Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man could think about discovering (that's what the header photo is referring to, young'uns).

Stuff like:

- Finishing at #2 does not bode well for your future chances of scoring a #1 down the line, but #3 does.

- Of #1's since 1993, 11 have reached Top 10 status in the ARIA charts, six have peaked outside the ARIA Top 10 and the rest were either not released as singles or didn't crack the top 50.

- There's only been three winners who only had one song on the list since the beginning.

Amidst all the facts, he makes a pretty refreshing point that we'd all do well to think about this year in amongst arguing how the fuck Macklemore & Ryan Lewis managed to even poll again, and that is:

"This is all a bit of an irrelevance, however, because the identity of #1 song is far from the most important part of the Hottest 100. Even before the advent of acutely astute betting agencies laying prices on the winner and social media maestros limning a countdown from shared voting slips, there’s always been a general mood for makeup of the Top 20 and certainly the Top 10 come Australia Day. The real enjoyment derives from the hours preceding the pointy end, when the songs come thick and fast (as opposed to the tedious drawn out nature of the final quarter), the sausages are still warm and the beer is still cold. This is when you are listening out for niche tracks, the 50-50 chances, the ones that make you whoop when you hear the first bars and sing along with gusto while texting in to Triple J that ‘yes! I’m so glad this made the Hottest 100’."

Oh yeah, what's the Top 10 look like according to Patrick? This:

1. Lean On — Major Lazer, DJ Snake & MØ

2. Downtown — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis et al

3. The Trouble With Us — Marcus Marr & Chet Faker

4. Do You Remember — Jarryd James

5. Hoops — Rubens

6. Let It Happen — Tame Impala

7. Can’t Feel My Face — Weeknd

8. Say My Name — Peking Duk & Benjamin Joseph

9. Hotline Bling — Drake

10. King Kunta — Kendrick Lamar


God bless you Patrick, may your blog receive some serious traffic over the coming weeks.

H/T: Pedestrian.


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