Some of WA's best creatives are sending off 2020 at The Lounge Live with Colin Ebsworth

Some of WA's best creatives are sending off 2020 at The Lounge Live with Colin Ebsworth

On December 19th, Perth comedian Colin Ebsworth will be taking over The Rechabite with Adrian Dzvuke and more.

You can't really summarise quite how average the past twelve months have been for performers, people who have had their income all but decimated from the lack of live shows and touring. It's something that's been felt across the creative industry board entirely, from musicians and those associated with setting up and touring live shows - like we've mentioned plenty of times in the past - through to comedians, live performers, drag queens and so on.

So, you can't really blame them for wanting to give 2020 the 'fuck you' send off it deserves, and that's where comedian Colin Ebsworth comes in. He's taking over The Rechabite for a 2020 send-off version of his The Lounge Live series, elevating West Australian talent from a broad spectrum of the creative industry all while delivering the big see ya later to the past twelve months, and looking forward into what's hopefully a better year to come.

The Lounge Live exists as a kind-of comedic late-night talkshow off-shoot that brings Ebsworth together with well-known names from across Perth, and the 2020 send-off - being the event's biggest show to-date - obviously is no exception. This time around, it'll feature Perth cult-favourite Famous Sharron, R&B rising star (and someone we've come to champion over the last year), Adrian Dzvuke, comedian Rory Lowe (whose face you'll see plenty more of in the year ahead, trust us), plus a couple of extra cameos thrown in too.

"WA has so much world-class talent and now finally a platform to showcase it - we shouldn't need our best people to move to Sydney or Melbourne just to get noticed, I want to provide an opportunity to do that here while we still have them, and get WA talent seen nationally," says Colin on the show, and he has a point - there's a huge number of WA artists and creatives forced to move over east so their future can blossom, although that's something definitely changing with the heightened focus on homegrown art in the last year. "Our audiences just keep coming back louder and larger so we've had to move into a venue that can fit them all."

The Live Lounge 2020 send-off will be happening on December 19th, and you can grab tickets here.

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