Perth's favourite Boxing Day festival / dub destination Breakfest has been cancelled

Perth's favourite Boxing Day festival / dub destination Breakfest has been cancelled

After announcing a lineup topped by secret headliners, Ekko & Sidetrack and Zeke Beats, everything was looking peachy - but not anymore.

It's no secret that 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year, but I think everyone was looking forward to relishing in a summer where coronavirus was all but eradicated in Australia - something that was looking incredibly promising, thanks to a string of homegrown shows and festivals announced over the last few weeks (including three of such just today, in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales). West Australia was included in that, with a summer packed full of events - Factor Summer Festival, Breakfest - filling the gaps after all of the nationally-touring events decided to postpone.

However, in the past few weeks, that's beginning to unravel in West Australia. First, came Factory Summer Festival, who were forced to move their Perth shows back to March 2021 in-line with advice from the Chief Health Officer, and to create the best possible event they could, which was proving difficult with the constantly-changing border restrictions and travel lockdowns over the last few months.

Now, comes Breakfest, who yesterday announced that their 20th anniversary event this Boxing Day will in fact not be going ahead, due to restrictions placed against them that would prevent them from running the event we've all come to love over the last two decades, one that has become internationally respected in the electronic eye. The statement was posted onto their Facebook, and reads the below:

"For the past 19 years, we have had the joy of delivering WA's longest-running dance music event. This year, our 20th, the Chief Health Officer has determined our event cannot proceed in its current format.

As most of you will know, a review into WA events was recently conducted. As a result, the rules changed which meant we had to submit our event to Department of Health WA for approval.

We prepared a full and comprehensive COVID Event Plan and, despite some positive feedback from the Department, we have now been informed by the Chief Health Officer that Breakfest would not be approved:


- the performance areas act as a focal point, drawing crowds in close proximity, reducing the ability for patrons to practice physical distancing
- alcohol consumption over an extended period of time leads to non-compliance of patrons with risk mitigation strategies.

All that space, an already reduced capacity and significant COVID measures weren’t enough

The only way the event would have been able to proceed was:

- reduction to 1 stage
- 1500 people
- restrictions on the dancefloor
- shorter event duration and restricted service of alcohol

We do want to thank Department of Health WA and the Chief Health Officer for allowing us the opportunity to revise the event format, however these conditions are simply unacceptable for us to deliver the event you have come to know and love for the past 19 years.

All tickets will be refunded via Moshtix. BUT – because we don’t know any other way to spend Boxing Day, we are working on an event with a heap of familiar names and we really want you to join us. Announced and on sale this Thursday."

However, as the festival says, they are making some plans to ensure that everyone's Boxing Day isn't going to waste, and we'll update this tomorrow when that's announced.

In the meantime, however, stay tuned and pour one out for the poor folks at Boomtick that have put this event on over the last 20 years, and now have had it swept from underneath them just a month out. There's a lot of effort that goes into a festival like this, and we're sure it hurts them just as much - if not more - than how much it hurts you.

Read the statement below:

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