We found a Groovin The Moo Fence Jumping FB group and it is highly cooked

We found a Groovin The Moo Fence Jumping FB group and it is highly cooked


Fence jumping is something we've had a sook about a couple of times here at Pilerats. Why? Because even though there were probably (definitely) some members of the team who had jumped the odd festival back in the day, you grow up, starting running events and even putting on festivals, and you realise how shit it is. A couple of years back, at a festival we were running, one of the main site managers was kicked in the head while on the ground by a fence jumper and spent a heap of time in hospital (oh, and the kid involved got off scott free, of course). That's just one hectic example. People get all kinds of fucked up when people jump over fences onto unsuspecticing - paying - patrons. Over in Perth it seems to get worse and worse, to the point where it makes headlines on local or even national news outlets, and legitimately puts the future of those events at risk as councils, local police, local residents...ANYONE who wants to put a stop to you darn kids having fun, get all the ammunition they need to stop shit like music festivals happening.

Anyway foraging around the wonderful world of Facebook the other day, we came across an event not in Perth for a change - THE ANNUAL GTM GATE JUMP CANBERRA 2017, hosted by GTM No Ticket No Worries. The event's description is a fantastic beginning for the deep hole you're about dig yourself into:

"Hey Legends!!! This is actually happening and for those that are pissed off and didn't get a ticket in time, come to this event with hundreds of others and run down a fence or two!! The time listed will vary depending on the people's choice of time."

And from there it's kinda everything you hate about fence jumping (the social media heroes, people who've bought a ticket but still want to jump, whinging about missing out on tickets etc.), albeit with a hilarious idiocracy that's pretty fun to spectate (unless you're the organisers, who we assume will be monitoring all of this pretty closely from now on). Goodness there's even videos of girls trying to practice jumping over an actual test fence proving that no, you cannot make this shit up.

gtm fence jumping screen 08

Yeah GTM, don't you know how events work!?

gtm fence jumping screen 01

Can't argue with this logic really.

gtm fence jumping screen 05

Screenshotting all the posts to turn it into an article on Pilerats.

gtm fence jumping screen 06

This is actually pretty spot-on.

gtm fence jumping screen 11

At least this page appears to be run by idiots.

gtm fence jumping screen 07

While this is actually pretty hectic.

gtm fence jumping screen 12

As is this.

gtm fence jumping screen 10

Ugh, the social media hero is not the hero we need or deserve or want or anything.

gtm fence jumping screen 14


gtm fence jumping screen 15

Why not indeed BRO!

gtm fence jumping screen 04

Please, that way GTM gets their money, you get caught and there's one less fuckwit to deal with on the day.

gtm fence jumping screen 13

Poor, wishful Jade, so perfectly shut down by JP "not everyon has knowledge" Dzirba.

Anyway that's all we've got so far, we'll continue to monitor the situation, and encourage you to do likewise.

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