Turn Up Friday 5/8 - Australian Hip Hop

Turn Up Friday 5/8 - Australian Hip Hop

The 'New Wave' shows some turned up love.

The words ‘New Wave’ have been popping up so frequently in coverage of Australian hip hop lately that you would be forgiven for wanting to tear your hair out every time you read it. But then, of course, to a great many people, Australian hip hop is something still so hopelessly misunderstood.

Essentially, the ‘New Wave’ moniker has signified a changing of the face of Australian hip hop, with young, talented artists emerging with a sound intended to distance the future sounds of the Australian hip hop from the sounds of past Australian hip hop. Or, better translated, the sounds of ‘Golden Era’ hip hop are being left behind, with the so-called ‘New Wave’ adopting a more modern, contemporary sound that fans of the genre can connect to. While ‘Golden Era’ adoptees such as Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars and Drapht still retain a relevancy among some, the modern attitudes, lyrics and production of the ‘New Wave’ are slowly beginning to return a sense of legitimacy to Australian hip hop that, for some time, has not existed. Don’t believe me?

Take the below Turn Up list as Church to the growing legitimacy of Australian hip hop’s ‘New Wave’.

$$$ — Midas Gold 

If you have a hard time believing that the artist behind $$$, Midas Gold, is Australian, you would be forgiven. But, indeed, the Brisbane act is one of our own, even if the Travi$ Scott reminiscent $$$ may not necessarily be a give-away. Led along by a bass-heavy, industrial production, Midas Gold’s sing-song, autotuned Trap vocals are a welcome addition on the new frontier of Australian hip hop. Though only two songs into his career thus far, with a new single expected to see its release next week, Midas Gold is certainly one to watch.

wdubi (ft. Nasty Mars and Marcus) — Baro

At this point, Melbourne’s Baro is a man who needs little introduction, with his most recent appearance at 2016’s Splendour in the Grass cementing his status as one of the headline acts driving Australian hip hop’s ‘New Wave’ forward into the future. A member of Melbourne’s 90’sRD collective of Australian hip hop talents, which also boasts such names as the featuring acts Nasty Mars and Marcus, as well as fellow Melbourne MC Charlie Threads, Baro is currently celebrating the success of this, his latest official single. A feel-good, soulful affair recalling the talents of US star Chance the Rapper, wdubi is the best among Baro’s solid catalogue, so far, with sky the limit for the young talent.

Uninvited — Mallrat

At only 17 years of age, Brisbane’s Mallrat (no relation to the 1995 Kevin Smith-directed film Mallrats) is a talent with potential and skills well beyond her humble years. Riding high on the blog successes of For Real and Suicide Blonde, it is still this track which stands apart as the grooviest effort from the young Brisbanite. The title track for her recently released debut EP, Uninvited is a brilliant introduction to the young Australian talent for any uninitiated.

Sides (ft. Nyne) — Allday

The latest single from Allday may be the best yet from the artist who, like Baro, needs little introduction as one of the names at the forefront of the much spoken about ‘New Wave’ of Australian hip hop. Finding Nyne’s sultry hook coupling with Allday’s confident flow and accessible lyrics, Allday’s mainstream success is poised to elevate even further than that following the release of debut album Startup Cult, in 2014, with his newest releases.

Same — Leng Hock

Pilerats Records’ own Leng Hock, formerly known as Floria, recently released this extraordinary single, further solidifying the former Rae Sremmurd support act’s place among the so-called ‘New Wave’ of Australian hip hop sound. The Turn Up Friday favourite’s Asian-inspired production is a perfect accompaniment to the trap/R&B vocal stylings of the wildly talented Brisbane artist. Recalling such influences as The Weeknd and Young Thug, Same is a welcome introduction to those unfamiliar with the artist formerly known as Floria. 

Everyday — Manu Crook$

Sydney’s Manu Crook$ is another artist who might fool unfamiliar ears into doubting his heritage, with a sound falling somewhere between the UK’s Grime and the sounds of US Trap acts such as A$AP Ferg, but don’t be fooled - Manu Crook$ is, indeed, an Australian act. With his vocals recalling erie comparisons to Washington hip hop act Wale, Crook$ may yet prove to be somewhat of an underdog among the crowd of ‘New Wave’ artists, with his star sure to rise in the near future and this extraordinary single Everyday leading the charge.

Cold Ass Bitches — Nico Ghost

Taken from Nico Ghost’s debut EP Kaishi released in July 2015, Cold Ass Bitches is a tremendous example of Melbourne based artist Nico Ghost’s talents as a hip hop act. Much like the aforementioned Leng Hock, it is Nico Ghost’s talents as a producer, in addition to his talents as a rapper, that signify him as a talent to watch. With his talent on the rise, Nico Ghost is yet another ‘New Wave’ Australian hip hop act to keep an eye on.








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