Premiere: Lady Lash unveils new song Thieving Hearts, shares new NITV doco

Premiere: Lady Lash unveils new song Thieving Hearts, shares new NITV doco

The Indigenous Australian rapper - someone who we've come to watch in 2020 - continues to soar, thanks to a couple of power moves this month.

Header image by Ali McKeich.

Back in June of this year, we did a deep dive on Indigenous Australians within the hip-hop/R&B space worth keeping an eye on throughout 2020. Included within that was a couple of new discoveries for us, and amongst the most spectacular was Lady Lash - a Kokatha/Greek musician who's been somewhat of a figurehead amongst Victoria's rap world for the last few years now, blossoming on the live stage as she supports heavyweights such as Jessica Mauboy and Archie Roach, and in recording, where her work spans EPs and albums from the last couple of years.

She's someone that's really synonymous with a rising trait of musicians wanting to elevate not just themselves, but their families, cultures and communities that helped elevate them over the years; something that's really shone in her work both through its lyricism - Lady Lash's songwriting is some of the most potent we've come across recently - and her work on giving back, constantly elevating others amongst the Victorian and South Australian (from which she's originally from) creative space, especially those from similar backgrounds and make ups to herself.

In September, however, she's claiming the spotlight for a minute - and it's been a long time coming. Today, we're stoked to premiere a taste of something new from Lady Lash titled Thieving Hearts, the single being her first for 2020 and one that really encompasses the many facets that make Lady Lash such a brilliant musician. Thieving Hearts sits somewhere between rap and R&B, with a percussion-led production swirling with earthy samples and melodies forming the backing for Lady Lash's smooth vocal over the top, which even when it fastens to its most rap-centric, still carries an angelic smoothness that places her alongside musicians like Erykah Badu, for example.

It's something really special; a reflection of what's brought her up and supported her along the way, from her surrounding community and the culture packed within, right down to the deep spiritual connection with the earth, as suggested in the song through its crashing melodic waves and the gentle, earthy feel the single is able to present. "’I wrote this song about connecting back to my hometown and how spiritual and powerful that can be all while honouring your Culture, Deep Memories and your Inner Feminine & Masculine," she explains.

In addition to the single's arrival, there's also a new documentary screened by NITV that has Lady Lash front and centre, telling the story of her battles through hip-hop - especially as a female, Indigenous Australian - and the self-growth and empowerment that's come with her rise, and futhermore, the similar feelings that arose as she revisited the communities of South Australia that raised her, coming back after moving to Melbourne to help progress her career a few years ago.

You can take a dive into the full documentary here, listen to Thieving Hearts below as it premieres on Pilerats with its release today, and if you love it, be sure to grab it here.

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