Brisbane's Tides premieres latest solo effort, G.I.L.T

Brisbane's Tides premieres latest solo effort, G.I.L.T

Yet another brilliant BNE hip hop talent shows up to Get It Like That.

If there is one thing that has rapidly become more and more obvious over the last few months, it is that the pool of talented hip hop artists emerging from Brisbane is immense in both size and variety, and the potential of the BNE throng is equally large. Emerging star Tides is no exception to the talent and potential — a fact the artist himself recently reaffirmed with a brilliant show-stopping guest contribution on I AM D release, Check Back.

Now, the 21 year old returns with a brilliant solo effort all his own, premiered exclusively here via Pilerats. Finding energetic, bubbly production from Divorare, Tides takes the opportunity on G.I.L.T to explore introspectively. Speaking on the track's inspiration, Tides recently said:

"I think in G.I.L.T the main point in putting [it] out is that it's ok to want the best for yourself. I'd just come out of a pretty serious relationship and I kept on seeing people that had such a beautiful love together, or were succeeding in their chosen field, and I just thought, 'Why can't I get it like that?'

The song isn't me complaining, but more about me wanting the very best for myself and not letting myself settle for anything other than that. I think everyone at some point often feels like just settling in some mediocre partnership, or job, and this song is questioning that belief, this song is asking the question 'why can't you have that?'

Because we all deserve the best for ourselves and only we can obtain that ideology."

But, much like the rest of Tides' BNE cohorts, the process behind the artist's latests solo effort is, at least, equally as intriguing as its inspiration, further demonstrating the same energy and organic chemistry that shines through the content itself.

"The making of the track was so organic to be honest. I remember the day Divorare sent me the beat for G.I.L.T on Facebook, and casually asked if I could ever see myself on production like this. As soon as I pressed play on that beat I could already tell what sort of direction I was going to take the track and quickly sent him a message back to make sure he didn't send it to anyone else!

The next couple of weeks consisted of me just shooting him rough ideas or lyrics, and the first actual demo I sent him was the version we ran with. The process with this track was so quick in a lot of ways because we just work so well together. Divorare can produce some amazing work that can really bring out emotions in me and when I‘m close to a notepad, it makes me want to tell a story straight away."

You can hear G.I.L.T below, and watch for further hip hop brilliance from the Brisbane talent to emerge in the coming months.


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