Watch: Holly Herndon - Interference

Watch: Holly Herndon - Interference

Discombobulate your fine self with new mechanical majesty from the San Franciscan goddess of weirdness.

If you're yet to experience the outsider tech tunes of San Fran experimental musician Holly Herndon, you really need to get onto that. Particularly if you fancy the work of Quarantine-era Laurel Halo, Julia Holter or Jon Hopkins, because you may just have a new heroine in this lady. Her second album, Platform, has just been announced for May, and she's landed a deal for it with well-respected label 4AD.

We've already heard two singles from it: Chorus and Home, and as of today you can stream and watch a video for album opener Interference. Holly, who is currently studying computer research in music, brings together vocal processing techniques with techno rhythms in her music, however Platform will see her introduce more pop songwriting structures. The album explores "systemic inequality, surveillance states, and neo-feudalism..Platform underscores the need for new fantasies," according to the press release.

Herndon has some amazing theories about music: definitely have a read of her self-titled essay, where she talks about how with her first album Movement, she spent a lot of time arguing that her laptop is an embodiment of herself: "It feasibly knows more about me that I know about me. It is why I push back against depictions of the digital as cold and impersonal. It’s why I love my laptop, and love making work with it. It’s also why this issue of privacy runs so deep." Read the rest here

Watch Interference below, which is directed by Metahaven. Interestingly (given the song has no lyrics) it takes the form of a lyric video. Poetic manifestos "We will find an exit / new ways to love," are displayed over abstract visuals - don't try to understand it, just let the rupturous rapture soak over you for five minutes. 

Also, check out the stunning cover art and tracklist:


Platform Tracklist:

1. Interference 
2. Chorus 
3. Unequal
4. Morning Sun
5. Locker Leak
6. An Exit
7. Lonely At The Top
8. DAO
9. Home
10. New Ways To Love


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