UNIIQU3 walks us through her banging debut EP, Phase 3

UNIIQU3 walks us through her banging debut EP, Phase 3

The Jersey NLV Records superstar pushes her signature sound into the future on her four-track new EP.

Over the past few years, UNIIQU3 has pushed her name forward as one of jersey club's front-runners, with her hard-hitting club music being one of the genre's most unique and inventive as she incorporates it with elements of hip-hop and her generally quite party-focused attitude (fun fact: last time UNIIQU3 was in Australia, her set in Perth was so loose that someone threw their bra on stage - it was wild). Phase 3, her recently-released debut EP, embodies this relentless but relaxed attitude UNIIQU3 brings to her music, often combining bass-focused productions with her festival-ready, chanting vocal and sampling for high-tempo, high-energy beats that'll blow your mind.

"Phase 3 is about confidence, something that my crazy life in nightlife has helped me gain," UNIIQU3 says on the release, which arrives with a bunch of US dates over September. "There are no limits on how hard you can dance, how extra your look is, how loud you sing a song at a party. I’m care-free and I wanna share that energy with EVERYBODY. I’ve been travelling the world, to over ten countries for the past four years, doing just that thanks to Jersey Club." Dive into the release below with a track-by-track walkthrough from UNIIQU3 herself; it's the perfect, four-track collection of songs if you're looking to raise those energy levels ahead of the weekend.

UNIIQU3 - Phase 3 Track By Track:

"Phase 3 is more than just an EP; it's a journey many us need to take to get to where we want in life. Join me on my journey to self-discovery and appreciation."

Bubble Gum is about enjoying my body. Every curve, every dimple... I want to embrace the fact that I'm popping. I'm popping like gum and please peep how many flavours of popping you can be.

Do What I Want. The title speaks for itself. While travelling all around the world, I realised I got to all those places by being ME and doing exactly what the fuck I want. I never let anyone that had something negative to say discourage me. Overcoming that gave me the meanest self-confidence and motivation.

After Party - It's about owning and embracing my sexuality. It's healthy and I'm a grown ass woman. When I learned to love my body, and developed that self-confidence the sexier I felt, and the more I embraced it. From my lyrics to the clothes that I wear to the way I dance... I'm the best After Party that's exclusive... Just hope that you're good enough to get listed.

Phase 3. This is the last track on the project, but it definitely isn't the end of this journey. It's just begun. I feel like I know myself more than ever now. What I want in life. I've done so much, but it's not half of what I'm going to do.


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