A 13-minute short film for The Avalanches' new album has leaked and it's incredible

A 13-minute short film for The Avalanches' new album has leaked and it's incredible

Featuring hundreds of cult movies spliced into each other from NYC collective SODA_JERK.

A little while back when we were still 16 years without a new album from The Avalanches they teased something called Since They Left Us, which looked like potentially some kinda documentary about the group. While that hasn't come to fruition yet, a new 13-minute short film has surfaced on good old reddit, featuring cuts from their this-Friday-released new album, Wildflower, set to visuals featuring literally hundreds of cult and classic movies spliced together. The work of NYC collective SODA_JERK, it sounds like they've been working on it for a while, as some of the music differs to what we've heard on Wildflower. It's an engrossing 13 minutes, please enjoy it below or even bloody download it for yourself:

The Was from The Was on Vimeo.

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