TEES take us behind the scenes of the video clip for their dreamy single, Pull

TEES take us behind the scenes of the video clip for their dreamy single, Pull

Pull is from their new EP, Flow, which is out today.

After a chance meeting a few years ago uncovered a shared love of Balearic beats and 90s house, Sydney duo TEES have only gone from strength-to-strength, and this week sees the release of their new EP, Flow. Containing five lush slices of dreamy electronic pop, it's a sound that - if you'll pardon the cliche - is both retro and futuristic at the same time.

A couple of days ago EP highlight single Pull received a glorious new video clip, and to celebrate its release along with the EP's, the duo sent us some great photos from behind the scenes of its production, along with some words on the duo's entire visual aesthetic. Check it all about below, and catch 'em live celebrating Flow's release at BONEY in Melbourne on February 1, and Brighton Up Bar Sydney on February 16.

On what inspires TEES visually…

TEES is a collection of natural landscapes, previous experiences and is inspired by art including TRESOR-based design, brutalist architecture, minimalism and nostalgia from a broader memory. Although not directly translated from these forms, it is a haphazard inclusion that baselines our aesthetic.

tees pull bts 01

tees pull bts 02

On the meaning of the video…

The video tells the story of a young woman running away from what can be alluded to as an unhappy relationship and an estranged commitment. The story follows her through a lens of discovery with the sense of solidarity between her and the stranger chauffeur. There relationship isn’t really explored, but it is there to represent a sense of support. For the second half of the clip, the young woman finds herself venturing beyond the comfort of what has been known (both the landscape and the chauffeur) to a place that is both frightening and alluring. She comes to a clearing in the forest where she meets with a magical being whom she dances with and shares a connection. This represents the protagonist finding and accessing her higher self. That is, her inner empowerment, outside of any context that was previously known and this parallels the songs meaning; Finding strength and independence in the most least likely of circumstances.

tees pull bts 03

tees pull bts 05

tees pull bts 06

On the making of the video…

The shooting of the clip took a total of just two days. Day one we shot the beginning half of the clip in the blue mountains, the day time vibes. On day two we shot the night dance scene down the south coast in Austinmer where Lizzy lives. The video was made by Steve Lattuca, a dear friend of ours. We chose him because he is a professional videographer/ director with his own business (negative films) who has an eclectic taste that suits our mood and aesthetics. He has been a friend for some time, and understands the internal/external vibe of TEES, so we thought he would be the perfect choice. We feel he proved to seamlessly incorporate and extend the TEES style and his own into a perfect marriage (lol marriage). Also, on hearing the song, Steve (without knowing what the song was about) came up with the perfect idea that represented the journey of the lyrics spoken in the song.

tees pull bts 07

tees pull bts 08

tees pull bts 09

Obstacles and anecdotes...

With any low budget shoot, there are many-a-dodgy obstacle, whether it be singing/dancing at the front of a hotel where we weren’t staying, hoping the owners didn’t stop us, or slowing down traffic along the roads of the mountains because Steve was shooting out the top of his sunroof. When shooting the dance scene, we chose a beautiful spot, however the forest floor wasn’t really a place to dance on, and the roots gave both Lizzy and Heather nearly broken ankles by the end of the shoot. It was all worth it though. Oh and, Steve’s wallet was lost (Lizzy may have lost it :s). Being the beautiful, humble, trustworthy place that Wentworth Falls is, a local by the name of Christine contacted him on Facebook, told Steve she had the wallet and we got it back just an hour later… All within the time it took for Sean and Lizzy to order Steve a meal at the local Indian joint at 11:30 pm.

tees pull bts 10

tees pull bts 11

tees pull bts 12


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