Elohim Interview: "I want to spark something inside of you that you didn't know was there."

Elohim Interview: "I want to spark something inside of you that you didn't know was there."

Her latest single Fuck Your Money is another great slice of energetic electronic pop.

Elohim is an LA-based artist on the move. She had a breakout year in 2017, collaborating with the likes of Denzel Curry and Louis The Child, racking up streams in the millions and garnering a fanbase that seems to be expanding at an exponential rate. One of a number of artists using her social platforms as a means of discussing serious issues like mental health (including her own battles with it), it's this combined with some thought-provoking and emotionally-charged electronica that has set the stage for an equally huge 2018, one that will see the release of her debut album. Consider this your warning Australia, it's not long before Elohim's sounds make the journey across the pond, so here's your chance to get a little ahead of the curve:

First up, you’ve already built a pretty strong profile in the US, but for us Aussies just getting to know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi I am Elohim. I make music to bring love and light into the lives of others. I want to take you on a vibrant journey, I want you to be free, I want to spark something inside of you that you didn't know was there.

What’s the vibe music-wise? 

I find a lot of my sounds fit inside the electronic vibe, my passion lies in uplifting/empowering/inspirational/real/love based music.

What's your production/writing process?

It is always different. Sometimes I'll write an entire song in 30 minutes while walking around or driving. Other times I'll sit down and start from total scratch. I am heavily inspired by weird, unique sounds. Not having a set way of doing things keeps it really interesting and fun. There is nothing like the feeling of creating art.

Can you tell us about your new single, Fuck Your Money?

I come from humble upbringings, when I wasn't able to afford the same things as others my mother would always say to me "we are rich with love". Growing up in a materialistic society can really skew your perspective, I made this to help myself and others remember the importance of love and human connection - those are two things money cannot replace. It's one of those songs where I wrote the entire thing including the instrumental bits in the car while driving home from the gym. I couldn't stop singing it and felt more excited than usual, so I went right to the studio to produce and finish it. When the lyrics are coming from a deeply rooted very real place they just seem to pour out uncontrollably.

Your online presence is very open and honest, something which we really appreciate it and it seems like your fanbase does too, do you think the public conversation around mental health is improving in 2018?

I can't really say for sure but I have noticed that there is conversation happening, and that alone is a positive thing. Either way, I do my best to share my experience with the people I meet and let them know that they aren't alone even though anxiety and depression feels like the most isolating thing in existence. I struggle daily with it, and just being able to be open and understood more importantly is really comforting. I want to be there for everyone that I can, I don't want anyone to experience these feelings I feel, or to feel alone. I hope this trend in mental health awareness continues to be taken seriously, and that it continues to help more people as it helps me. That being said, people should be respectful and use terms like anxiety thoughtfully, the commercial world has a tendency to dilute its meaning when it becomes a trend. It is in fact very serious and can be debilitating. I am currently battling this sickness every day and it is pretty horrendous.

You’ve got a heap of shows coming up in the US, any plans to head our way anytime soon?

I hope so! It is my dream to see Australia in person! I have heard only the most incredible things, and some of my favorite people (Alison Wonderland) are from there.

What’s entailed within an Elohim live set?

An Elohim live set usually exists within a specific moment in time, and there's no way to recreate that moment once it's gone because there is a special energy within that time and space created between myself and the wonderful humans that come to watch me perform - words, photos or videos can only translate so much. Each show is crafted with care and guides both myself and the audience on a journey through light, sound and emotion. An Elohim live set is a safe place for anyone to free themselves and just be.

You’ve got an album due later this year – can you tell us a little about it and what we can expect?

From start to finish, it is an experience...a world. I can only hope for this record to be an escape and a way of coping, growing, inspiring and finding peace. It is an embodiment of self worth self love and strength.

Elohim hits the road for a big US Tour this March, head HERE for more info.

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