Donny Benét has some spicy Valentine's Day tips for the lovers out there

Donny Benét has some spicy Valentine's Day tips for the lovers out there

He's just announced new album The Don with new sexy af single, Santorini.

The man, the myth, the legend...Donny Benét returns to your earwaves (and your girded loins) with news he has a new album on the way (elegantly titled, The Don), and a tasty first cut - Santorini. An ode to the Greek Island of the same name, Santorini is a delicious new taste of what's to come following on hot hits like Working Out and Konichiwa. And of course, being the generous lover that he is, The Don has given us a few handy tips on how to make Valentine's Day a special one. Check it out below, along with a huge run of Australian tour dates coming at you this April to celebrate The Don's April 6 release.

Donny Benét’s Valentines Day Tips

Ok, for a romance guru like the Don this topic comes up every year. Every year there's a number of emails from various entertainment and "street" publications picking my brains for hot tips on V day. I've done 'em all - clever, witty and, even ironic (we're talking early 2000 teens here).

Like the old dog I'm becoming I'm a little out of date on hot tips for the young'uns. Do they care about romance anymore? Do they actually partake in physical contact? It's confronting. Pungent. Awkward. Anxiety filled. And that's just conversation I'm talking about...

As tough as it is, love always finds a way. Love can be a quick smile to a stranger on the bus, an accidental shoulder rub at a show, or, even a thoughtful gesture of offering a stranger the opportunity to purchase the last panini at your local pasticceria.

Well, rather than telling you what to do I'm gonna tell you what not to do this Valentines day.

1) Forget The Roses

C'mon - the same guys I see desperately buying roses are the same guys that bought their V Day outfit a week earlier at Tarocash. To me it screams an aimless and short term romantic gesture designed to deceive their date/partner into thinking they care. They don't. You wanna get them something thoughtful and special? Give them a piece of you... You know what I mean? Write a poem, hell, even an acrostic poem will do. Take the time to tell them something you like/love/admire about them. It's that simple.

2) Dining Venues

Just think how full George Calombaris/other television celebrity chef restaurants will be this V day? How many second year real estate agents with their yd suits, cheap, glued sole shoes, VW Golf R4s and professional athlete/12yr old boy haircuts would have had the fortitude to make a reservation months ago to celebrate the first and last Valentine's Day with this particular partner?

C'mon - you can do better than that. A lifetime ago I used to play in various high-end hotel lobby/restaurant bands. V Day was their breadwinner. We used to get told to play at a volume lower than speaking as there was the possibility of a large number of patrons proposing to each other, and they wouldn't be able to hear correctly if the pianist used McCoy Tyner voicings on Desifinado.

Be original - if you're in a comfortable and committed relationship then you don't need to go through all this bullshit. Ask your friends or any other living people for restaurant recommendations. Try something new - that's what you should always be doing in a relationship.

Try some Egyptian/Ethiopian/Ecuadorian food with your date - if you both love it or hate it you're bound to have a night to remember. And that outcome creates further conversation. Conversation is good. Communication is good. Eating over-priced food at Crown Casino cooked by first year apprentice chefs under the guise of a TV celebrity is no good. Get it?

3) Ice Cream

Good. It's cold in your mouth. That's funny and refreshing. A real conversation extender.

*More of a what than a what not.

4) Physical Touch

This one is real simple. Pay attention. Listen. Watch. Think. If it's on you'll know it. Just because you've made a financial gesture doesn't mean you're owed anything. If you both have a great night, learn more about each other, share new experiences, then maybe you'll get an extra treat sometime during the date. Good for both of you.

If you think you had a great night but that opinion is not shared, well, be a good human being and leave it as it is. Go home and have a warm Ovaltine and remember that tomorrow is another day (more accurately February 15). The sun will rise and set once again.

5) Every Day Is Valentine's Day

Don't put too much pressure on yourself. If you end up on the couch with your date eating a bucket of KFC while watching The Block or end up eating a bespoke organic charcoal infused Pho while discussing which Ennio Morricone soundtrack defines his illustrious career, then you're all good. Save the $. Don't let someone tell you when to love. Just do it all the time.

Don Benét


Sat 7 Apr - The Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Sat 14 Apr - Howler, Melbourne

Sat 21 Apr - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Fri 27 Apr - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Sat 28 Apr - UOW Uni Bar, Wollongong

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