Sweater Beats links up with KAMAU for a fresh cover of Outkast's Hey Ya

Sweater Beats links up with KAMAU for a fresh cover of Outkast's Hey Ya

Sweater Beats nails it again.

Sweater Beats, the kinda guy you could probably get away with offering a hug and he’d accept it. Following a disgusting amount of articles that we’ve written about his music, (every hyperlink is a different song there - it’s a nice way of saying he’s pretty f*cking good at what he does...), it's safe to say he’s brought it home again with this collab with KAMAU on the rhapsodic work that is Outkast's Hey Ya. It’s a another banger/feel good song from Sweater Beats, on that impeccable production work once again and if I haven’t sold it you should honestly just listen to it for yourself below:


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