Sweater Beats' Five Favourite Fantasy Realms

Sweater Beats' Five Favourite Fantasy Realms

The Brooklyn beatmaker nerds out with us, sharing the cartoon / Anime inspirations behind his sexy-ass tunes.

Christmas has come early for Australian Sweater Beats fans - KOSHER are bringing the finest Filipino/Brooklyn music-maker out to our shores for a down under adventure... and you can be sure he's packing ALL of the feels in his tunes-case!

Sweater Beats has a signature production style that's instantly recognisable. He brings his super soulful ear to current dance production trends to create hella vibes; there's something about the way he combines moody, modulated R & B vocal samples with waves of synths and touches of trap that always sends shivers down our spine. He's been really excelling at life recently, guest hosting the Beats 1 show on Apple Music, taking on basically the whole world on his Future Feels Tour (see: this rad new mix series too)... and let's all just take a second to think about THAT JoJo remix he unleashed a few months back - a goddamn groove if ever we heard one!  

Out here in the West we're hyping up to get down with our guy Sweater Beats at Wonderland Festival this Saturday (along with Alison Wonderland, Dune Rats, The Kite String Tangle, Safia, Koi Child and Broods)- still a few tickets left but better be quick hey! Heads up to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and the Sunshine Coast - 'coz SB is all set to party with you guys too! Catch him at the dates below.

Anyone whose been riding with Sweater Beats for a while will be aware of his love for Japanese anime (how much does his new Spirited Away tattoo rule!) The films of Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki were one of the key inspirations behind SB's Cloud City EP, so we prodded Sweater Beats' nerd brain a l'il more to really get to the bottom of his fantasy fandom. Take it away, Sweater Beats: 

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I love this film to bits, what more can I say about it. I drew a lot of inspiration from it when I was making my Cloud City EP. I actually made the track Golden Sun as sort of the theme song for the No Face character. I wanted to channel his mysterious energy into the track.



So I was pretty late getting on the Zelda wagon, I was the kid with the Playstation instead of the N64. I picked up Ocarina of Time only a few years ago and that got me pretty obsessed with the whole franchise. Windwaker was the third game I played (after A Link Between Worlds), and it’s still my favorite one. Often when I’m stuck on a beat I’d put this game on and just sail around and look for treasure. It’s really therapeutic.



I remember seeing the pilot on YouTube a long time ago and thought it was the craziest thing ever. I love how its set in this post-apocalyptic fantasy world. It’s both magical and eerie at the same time. I got a lot of inspiration from the the art style and color palette for my Sweater Weather Tour posters.

This is Marshall Lee. This was pretty much my look in high school. He is totally my spirit animal.



Even though this is less fantasy and more period piece, I put it on here because its an amazing show and the soundtrack is fantastic. My friend put me on to this show when I was starting to make beats. I remember going down a Google rabbit hole one night looking up Tsutchie and Nujabes and then finding out about Dilla and Onra.

samurai champ


This is my favorite show. As ridiculous and out there as it is, there’s a lot of profound moments. I’m often left pondering about life and existential sh*t after an episode. And in those moments I end up making some weird music.

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Grab your Wonderland Festival tickets HERE.


Fri 18th Dec - Sir Yes Sir @ The TBC Club, Brisbane
Sat 19th Dec -  Wonderland, Langley Park, Perth 
Sat 26th Dec - The Helm, Sunshine Coast 
Sun 27th Dec - Courtyard Party, Ivy, Sydney 
Sun 27th Dec -  Rocket Bar & Rooftop, Adelaide 



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