Sable Says: Meet Rytmeklubben

Sable Says: Meet Rytmeklubben

A Norwegian act Sable and all of his friends are really getting behind.

Welcome to the first of hopefully many posts to the website by our favourite beatemon Sable, giving him an avenue to share with you some music he's really digging lately:

The beauty of music in its current state is that a project can create something special and can, providing they have an internet connection, make it available to the world.  Introducing Rytmeklubben, a four piece club music producer group from Trondheim, Norway. Both as a group, and as individuals, Rytmeklubben have created a sound that’s both instantly likeable and strong in clubs. Australia in particular has taken a liking to their brand of music with songs from the group being featured in sets from *breathe* Wave Racer, Basenji, Cosmo’s Midnight, Nina Las Vegas, Alison Wonderland, and me. With strong international support as well, and their new Girlfriend EP scheduled for release on July 27, it’s time people came to know the Rytmeklubben name.


rytmeklubben band

Made up of producers Hi Tom, Torjus, DJ Karaoke and Henrik the Artist, they are one of the first groups to play club music live using instruments. I can only hope they come to Australia soon so I can see it in person. If I had to tag their music as anything, NorClub definitely seems appropriate as they possess a sound unique to themselves. Their new track Girlfriend, also the title track of their upcoming EP, is definitely on my playlist at the moment and is available to stream! Yay.

Keep an eye out for the EP, released in Australia on July 27 through Caroline Music and internationally through Raw Juice Records.


rytmeklubben hi tom

One of the most slept-on producers of the last year, his tunes have become rare secret weapons in sets across the globe. His percussion work and composition are always unique and hugely danceable. Hi Tom skirts around a few sounds but his NorClub spin on dancehall is where he really shines. Confirmed for the future is a colab with Cosmo’s Midnight to be released on their EP so that’s one to be excited for (I heard little bits and it’s gr8).

One of my favourites from Hi Tom is his remix of Jeremih’s All The Time. It was/is a staple in many sets and will forever be a great club interpretation of the original. They should put a warning on the EP because Splits uncontrollably made me dance and I would have like some prior notification.


rytmeklubben torjus

Torjus brings a moody, brooding edge to the Rytmeklubben group. His club music is very forward-thinking and his use of melody plays with emotions in the best way. One of my favourite edits of last year came from this man and has been a highlight of many sets. Some of my greatest EDM moments come from listening to his edit of O.T Genasis’ CoCo. It’s euphoric and celebratory and is everything music should be.

His track Tahuri is an emotional roller coaster and I had to have a warm bath and contemplate my life after listening. Beautiful :’)


rytmeklubben dj karaoke

DJ Karaoke is a tru club warrior. His music is club music in the greatest sense. It fits into sets effortlessly and always brings a lift. He’s also responsible for my favourite remix of Sisqo’s Thong Song. I’m not sure if he possesses dumps like a truck but his offering to the EP, Ninja Tune, definitely made my booty go. It has also been appearing ~stealthily~ in sets from Hoodboi + others.

For instant club largeness, check his Ninja Tune on the EP.


rytmeklubben henrik the artist

Henrik The Artist, a true friend to all. With releases on Activia Benz and Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs, Henrik was a true surprise. He also recently released a collaboration with ≈mysterious≈ producer Kochi Boy. His music is an interesting fusion of impossibly cute sound design and also huge EDM textures. Only an artist can pull it off and Henrik succeeds in making you feel like you want to find glowsticks and dance, but also hug a puppy. In true artist form, he wrote a special poem about his offering to the EP:


an empty place

where there

is nothing

but what

we see



That is a perfect summary of his track On The Moon


Make sure you check their Soundclouds and stay updated. Now you can flex your club music knowledge to your friends when you hear the tunes in clubs <3.

Follow Rytmeklubben: FACEBOOK / TWITTER

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