Welcome to the tropicool world of CLYPSO and her latest single, Save Me

Welcome to the tropicool world of CLYPSO and her latest single, Save Me

A Sydney-based producer very much on the come-up.

Sydney-based producer CLYPSO has been floating on our radar like a warm tropical breeze for a little while now, but with latest single Save Me we definitely figured it time to get more acquainted. A particularly awesome blend of afro-beat, shimmery synths, warm bass and smooth vocals all combine for one very big vibe. Take a listen to Save Me and get to know CLYPSO a little better below:

Tell us about about yourself?

I’m a Sydney producer and musician producing music that I fondly call troppo chilli flakes.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

It’s Afro-punk infused with grimey bass lines and I also shout a lot :). I’ve released the songs YOLO, BIGsmall and Higher. They’re all high energy, synth and beat heavy bangers.

Production/writing process:

Each song’s quite a different process for me. Sometimes it's me noodling on my synth if I’ve got a main theme in my head, other times it’s sounds I hear in the street that I sample which then inspire the rest of the song. With my new single it started as a demo on a piano.

Can you tell us about your new single, Save Me?

Save Me was written just after coming out of an emotionally rough patch and also having friends around me that were going through those similar vulnerable moments. It felt like I absorbed that collective experience and the song was the result; a song about saving yourself from yourself and trying your best to get out of the mental funk that we so often have.

I often play at weddings and I was about to play at a wedding but I was really early so I found myself alone in this beautiful hall with a grand piano. I really liked the timbre of the low notes of the piano and how it echoed so I started playing a bass line and chords and just enjoyed how it sounded in the space.

Although I started writing the song on the piano I really wanted to have a very oceanic feel to it, the sensation of tumbling in the waves, the ebb and flow, the ying and yang, the light and the dark. So I took that recording from my phone back to my little bedroom studio , incorporated tribal drum beats, strings and the kalimba to communicate the vastness and the movement.

Any shows coming up?

Got a few shows and fun parties I’m playing at over the summer that haven’t been announced yet too!

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I’ll be finishing up my next single and getting back into the studio with peeps that I’m doing some features for.

Where can we hear more of your music?



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