Premiere: WYN shakes up her sound with Those Other Things Will Come With Time

Premiere: WYN shakes up her sound with Those Other Things Will Come With Time

After our first introduction to the Perth-based musician a few years back, her new one shows how far she's come.

Just over a year ago now, we were introduced to Perth-based musician WYN, who at the time, was presenting something rather exciting within the WOMPP (Women of Music Production Perth) crew thanks to her track Never Be, a swelling, synth-driven electronic tune that brought this trap-meets-dub sound and incorporated it with her influences in hip-hop production, like Clams Casino and Flying Lotus. "For the last few years I’ve been channelling a large majority of my time into music. I used to gig around doing live performances before making the switch to DJing just over a year ago and I’ve used that time to really develop my skills in Ableton so that I could eventually re-enter the scene as an electronic music producer," she said when we introduced her to the world. "I think I feel more stimulated and that there’s a lot more room for me to grow and evolve my sound in the future."

Today, on her Pilerats-premiered new single Those Other Things Will Come With Time, we get a sense of that growth and evolution as an artist she's promised, showcasing her learnings through twelve months of refined production and songwriting as she switches up her sound and showcases something new. Those Other Things Will Come With Time still features that bursting bass kicks and percussive rhythms that she introduced to us with Never Be, but this time around, they're more streamlined with her vocal, not allowing the production to overshadow what's an impressive welcome into vocal-led musicianship. "This song is the first song I’ve released with my own vocals," she says. "The lyrics speak about my struggles with defining myself as an artist – not through the music itself but with all the other things that you’re supposed to pair along with it; artwork, press photos, fashion."

"In a lot of ways these things have aggravated me because while I appreciate art in its many forms and I respect musicians with great artistic vision, I’ve struggled to work out how to portray WYN visually in a way that is both aesthetic but also honest," she continues. "As someone who has never really considered the way I look or dress to have anything to do with my art, it has been a long learning process to realise that developing a brand for yourself as an artist doesn’t have to mean that you’re being fake. Visuals can instead be a representation of who you want to be or act simply as reflections of the people and things that have inspired you.

Dive into the track below:


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