Premiere: Future Jr.'s debut single Suburbia Blue gets an icey cool new video clip

Premiere: Future Jr.'s debut single Suburbia Blue gets an icey cool new video clip

A future star of the Oz music scene is bubbling away in Brisbane rn.

We get the feeling that Matthew Nainby, under the moniker of Future Jr., is set for some pretty big moves on the Australian music scene. Sure he's only just dropped his debut single, Suburbia Blue, but it's an incredibly strong first step that comes from a painstaking amount of time spent moulding the project into something special. Part of that time was in late 2016 when he travelled to Los Angeles to get amongst the songwriting scene, the results of which have shaped his debut EP, Vacancy, due some time soon. Its first single, Suburbia Blue, now gets a pretty great visual treatment, perfectly encapsulating the disenchanted youth vibe: "It's all about feeling out of place, figuring out who you really are, and learning to deal with the dreams that feel bigger than you."

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