Premiere: Enter Sceptre - Tormentor

Premiere: Enter Sceptre - Tormentor

Check out the dreamy new single from the new project of The Last of Us: Part II actor, Cascina Caradonna

Releasing their impressive debut single Majesty in January and channelling the likes of Grimes, Daft Punk and Electronic Light Orchestra is Enter Sceptre, the new project of dreamy indietronica from actor and online personality, Cascina Caradonna.

Known as the face model/actor for Dina from The Last of Us: Part II, Cascina further shows us just how talented and creative she is with Enter Sceptre and has readied their second single, with Tormentor out April 14 but premiering on Pilerats today!

Opening with majestic, sweeping synths and Caradonna’s alluring, modulated vocals, Tormentor is an epic & slow building affair, giving way to marching drums and syncopated bass lines before rounding out the unique arrangement with a striking guitar solo.

On Tormentor, Casina explains “I started with the line, 'you don’t know, where I go, my Tormentor' as the melody came to me during a stale class one morning. I wrote verse after verse in my notebook, nodding my head every so often to assure the teacher I was in agreement with her lecture. Back at home that night I began crafting the beat, pads and lead line for the instrumental bit. The bulk of the song made me want to dance, and was so upbeat and happy. There had to be more pain. I crafted an intro out of violins, and pretty soon had two completely separate songs on my hands. Transitioning from one section to the other was a complete accident as the delay effect on my vocals was being modulated as the tempo rose. The feedback of it in the silence was so good that I kept it as it was, and enjoyed the journey the song presented itself as.

Touch, by Daft Punk, was a huge influence for this song, and I loved that there was no definitive or repetitive structure binding its free expression. Thick bands of harmonies are my favorite meal, so every line of the song has at least 4 voices singing different notes. Although a shrieking 80’s guitar solo at the end is perhaps outdated, it’s not fair I hadn’t been born yet. Not my fault, enjoy.”

With a full length album from Enter Sceptre on the way, give Tormentor a listen as it premieres on Pilerats ahead of its April 14 release.

Enter Sceptre's new single Tormentor is out April 14

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