Get to know Berlin's Monolink, who just released his stunning debut album, Amniotic

Get to know Berlin's Monolink, who just released his stunning debut album, Amniotic

It's out now via the cool cats at Sweat It Out!

Monolink is a multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/producer from Berlin who has just released a breathtakingly good debut album called Amniotic. Absorbing, rhythmic and delicately crafted, he's currently in the US playing a coveted slot at Coachella's Do-LaB stage, before embarking on a big US tour. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, which you can tuck into while getting lost in the lush sonics of Amniotic, below:

Tell us about about yourself?

188. I sometimes think too much. I like the rain and the sun. I love riding my bike. I’m based in Berlin but mostly on the road. I like music and sound and stories (copied from my Tinder profile).

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

My debut album. EPs are popular with most producers and DJs in the electronic music scene. But I come from a band background and albums are unmatchable for me. I’m a huge fan of listening to large bodies of work from start to finish and taking a plunge into the world the artist has created. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is an example of an album that still fascinates me to this day.

Generally I wanted Amniotic to have a tremendous tangible connection to life and nature, especially the lyrics. When you play gigs all over the world, your life takes place at airports, in cars or hotel rooms. I have noticed more and more often how I enjoy getting away from society, out of the cities and into nature; and that's very much reflected in this album.

Production/writing process:

A little bit of heart, then a little bit of brain.

Can you tell us about the single Swallow?

I wrote it on a small island in Thailand after I listened to Chandelier from Sia.

Any shows coming up?

A few! My life is happening at airports these days. I´m going on a US Tour starting April 20th till end of May - check the full run of dates on my WEBSITE.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Shows and airports. I'm working on a live show with a full band at the moment, we’ll start touring this fall. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and now I’m finally able to.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Anywhere you like. I prefer listening to it on headphones in the shade of a tree.


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