Gallery: Northeast Party House give us a BTS look at the clip for Shelf Life

Gallery: Northeast Party House give us a BTS look at the clip for Shelf Life

The self-directed clip arrives as the next taste of their forthcoming record of the same name, which is quickly seeming like quite the ruckus.

Northeast Party House are a group that have really stepped it up in the last twelve months, and we mean that with no disrespect to their old work. The indie-electro six-piece have blossomed into long-time favourites through their extensive career - once upon a time, it was hard to avoid tracks like Calypso Beach and For You, both taken from their 2016 record Dare - but the tastes they've given us from what's next has ushered in an exciting new era for the group who are breaking boundaries with every move; Magnify and Dominoes showcasing how Northeast Party House can test the limits of their club-centric dance side and create excellent, top-tier dance records.

No different is their latest track, Shelf Life. Worked on alongside The Presets' Kim Moyes, the title track from their forthcoming record is a blistering, strobe-litten rave encapsulated in a tight five-minutes; pulsing bass and shattering synth uniting amongst Northeast Party House's signature earworming choruses. It's without a doubt their most dance-centric work to date, thumping with its relentlessness and its lasering synth, inspired from a trip to Berlin institution Berghain nightclub: "My knees are getting wobbly, my face is real sore, I feel like, 'fuck this, it’s time.' Someone said, ‘You look tired,’ and I am. And Jack said, ‘let’s just have one more.’ But I can’t. I’ve reached my shelf life."

Today arrives the official video clip for the single, which brings the liveliness of the track to the visual world without downplaying the harsh intensity of the track's pulsing rhythms. Conceptualized and self directed by the bands very own Sean Kenihan, the track is a nod to the old dance music videos of the 90s and early-00s, with Kenihan explaining that the track's video drips with a sense of nostalgia for this time: "The look of that whole period is really nostalgic for us," he says. "The merging of digital and analog technology was clunky and took so long to get right and so many amazing, naff creation came from it that are so close to my heart. We really wanted this clip to feel like we were going back to that time and to lean into that ironic 90s shtick as much as we could."

Continuing, Kenihan goes onto explain that Northeast Party House wanted the video to match the single's intensity, and not bring it back down to the stock-standard energy that often happens with dance tracks are brought to visual life. "I always knew it was going to be difficult to have the video meet that energy at every stage and remain engaging so creating this vibrant and surreal world of visuals at the end, allowed us to do that and really push the envelope," he says. "We had an amazing visual artist Thom Russel come on board for the project, who did all the work with the CRT TVs, making them all talk to each and look so beautiful. It was really special having Thom come on board, the clip wouldn’t have been the same without him."

Dive into the clip below with some behind-the-scenes shots of the video exclusive to Pilerats, with annotations from the band themselves. Their forthcoming record Shelf Life arrives February 28th via Sony Music Australia.

Shelf Life Video Clip behind-the-scenes:

neph image001

Vlad and Smrekvicnov’s first day on the job! Hope the Reactor doesn’t lose power!

neph image002

Ed Goldner (DOP) is the our guardian angel. He shot our Magnify, Dominos and Shelf Life clips and he goes above and beyond every time. He makes everything we do look incredible! Jack’s ready for his close up in this shot.

neph image003

Zach taking a break from the treadmill in between takes. He ran aaaalll day and was so exhausted by the end. This must be early in the day cos Zach is still kind of smiling. :)

neph image004

Sean (Director) and Ed Goldner (DOP) looking back over a take.  

neph image005

Woah! Mitch looks like some creepy Frankenstein here, looks almost as cooked as the video clip itself. All this equipment was leant to us by complete strangers who we’d never met before. Their generosity was so heartwarming, it was one of the most rewarding aspects to making this video actually.

neph image006

This is actually just a photo of Oli at home playing Runescape. He’s level 99 in cooking now!

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