Introducing Leisure Suite and their chilled new single Shut Down

Introducing Leisure Suite and their chilled new single Shut Down

The Melbourne duo's new single is a masterclass on their electronic-R&B sound.

Boasting an impressive R&B-infused electronic sound, Melbourne's Leisure Suite are a two-piece everyone should be keeping a close eye on. Channelling names like Aaliyah and TLC, their genre-fusing sound isn't exactly new (in fact, it seems to be quite the trend at the moment), but Leisure Suite really knock it out of the park with their new single Shut Down, putting on an absolute masterclass on how to perfect this sensual, electro-R&B sound. Shut Down has an overarching mellow, stripped-back feel to it, yet at the same time, it comes across as really confident and mature, notably through the soft vocals of Bridgette Le. This vocal confidence is what I think gives Shut Down its dominative edge, grasping onto their tropical-tinged take on R&B and really highlighting the bits that complement each other and shine. Check out the track below, and a couple of questions we shot the duo before the single's release to better get to know the pairing.

Tell us about yourself?
Hello, we’re Leisure Suite! We're from Melbourne work really hard to make music we love, and we hope you love it too. :)
What’s the vibe music-wise?
Even though our music would fall under electronic, we like to say we’re more soul than anything else. A lot of my roots and what I listen to and am inspired by has always revolved around jazz and soul. I think combined with Mitch’s production, it's our way of making it sound more contemporary. 
What are your production and writing processes like?
For us, I feel writing formulas have never worked. Some days I’ll have a real simple beat looping and we’ll just build the vocals and melodies around it like we’re constructing a song bit-by-bit. Sometimes we’ll just have a piano or instrument and improvise until we stumble upon some sort of structure. There has been times where I’ve written beats as a joke or completely out of character to the Leisure Suite style and Bridgette has flipped it in a way that just works. We’re quite opposite when it comes to writing so sometimes it's very interesting to watch ideas go into the sessions and come out the other end something completely different.
Can you tell us about your new track, Shut Down?
Shut Down is a subtle or not so subtle dig at guys I was meeting a few years back. The types of guys who think they can treat women in a disposable way because they think they're more worthy or hold higher social status than you. I was just sick of constantly being surrounded by these types of men and just wanted to shut them up or as the song says, shut them down. 
Over the past six months, you’ve supported names like Tennyson and Fortunes. Can you give us a run-down of your live show, for those who have yet to see it?
I think now is the first time in our careers that we have more unreleased music than we do released. So I think the most exciting thing about our sets is performing the music we’ve been writing in the last 6-12 months that no ears have heard before. We’re trying to finish it all as quick as possible, but to hear some of our new new new music, I’d suggest coming along to our next show.
Whats the rest of your year have in store?
We’ll be releasing more singles that we’ve been working on over the last 6 months which is really exciting. We’ll also be having a launch soon to celebrate the new music we’ve put out with some of our friends which we’ve been looking forward to for a long time now as well.

Where can we find more of your music?
Search Leisure Suite on Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, Youtube. Also, visit our Bandcamp if you want to our last EP Lay Low on vinyl<3 
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