Get nostalgic with Ember's Life Before Lockouts mixtape

Get nostalgic with Ember's Life Before Lockouts mixtape

A different look at the #KeepSydneyOpen story.

Gone are the days of the 80s and 90s tribute sets - the noughties are now the place to be. After A-Trak's Bloghaus Revival mix got heads bobbing to late-00's Justice, Daft Punk and Boys Noize, Sydney DJ Ember has followed it up with Life Before Lockouts, a new mixtape that sports some of Australia's, particularly Sydney's, best pre-lockout laws tunes. Sporting more recent tunes by Golden Features and Nina Las Vegas, the mixtape also gets us all nostalgic with throwback tunes by Sneaky Sound System, early Art Vs Science and The Presets and, of course, the king of Australia's noughties electronic scene - Ajax. The mix highlights Sydney's glorious electronic scene - a scene now at risk due to the now all-too-familiar lockout laws. In fact, Ember sums it up pretty nicely with the mixtape's accompanying description, which reads - "So I’ve been playing in Sydney clubs for the better part of ten years and in that time so much amazing talent has been born out of the scene in this city. World famous artists who began with Kings Cross residencies, Duo’s who met on the dance floor, DJ’s who went home and wrote hit records after a night of inspiration in our once vibrant nightlife. I wanted to put together a mix paying tribute to these people. The duos’ that may never have met, the songs that may never have been made and the DJs who might have followed a different path if these laws had been in place ten years ago. It’s been so amazing to watch how the city has come together to rally against these laws in recent weeks. All to make a change, so that hopefully we don’t miss out on the next crop of outstanding club talent that this city may have to offer in the years to come. The music in this mix is all from artists raised in the culture of a once vibrant Sydney nightlife and for each track included there are a hundred more that could be added. I hope that you can listen and look back over the years, being thankful for some of the music and artists our city has produced. I hope that it inspires you like they continue to inspire me." Listen to the mixtape and check out the throwback-heavy tracklist HERE.

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