Premiere: Embrace the warmth of VenessaMichaels' tropical new single, Really Like

Premiere: Embrace the warmth of VenessaMichaels' tropical new single, Really Like

Featuring Effy, and a ridiculously fun time on the dancefloor.

"We created this song to transcend you from your day to day and remind you to GTFO and have some fun, go adventure, and find some places that you really like with people that you really like." That's the mission statement from California-based artist VenessaMichaels regarding her new single, Really Like featuring Effy - and it's pretty fair to say mission accomplished. After releasing a couple of remakes of classic R&B tunes towards the end of last year, VenessaMichaels is ready for the American summer with Really Like, a super fun piece of tropical pop, very much in the flavour of acts like Kilter, MØ and Paces. Infectious, bouncy and catchy af, it definitely makes life feel less shitty and cold down here in Australia for a glorious few minutes. This is drenched in summer jam vibes:


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