Premiere: Bajillionaire offers mid-week relief with new single, Sleepwalking

Premiere: Bajillionaire offers mid-week relief with new single, Sleepwalking

The quickly-rising Sydney musician continues to blossom with a soaring, pop-centric number.

Sydney musician Bajillionaire - aka 21-year-old Charlie Hole - has blossomed into a producer amongst our emerging favourites, with a consistent streak of soaring, synth-rooted singles tracking his growth, evolution and increasing strength as a songwriter and producer, especially with his two-peat of 2018 singles Take It & Run and Empty. His music often sits on the more sun-soaked and glistening side of electronica, crafting wailing synth melodies and crashing percussion which all meld together underneath captivating pop toplines which in past releases, have really stolen the show; aided by Bajillionaire's productions which prove the perfect backdrop no matter what style or sound the vocalist featuring approaches.

After a big 2018, the musician is set to truly find his own lane in 2019 and strive, something he's kicking off with the release of Sleepwalking, another soaring, pop-leaning electronic release that this time, features 17-year-old singer/songwriter Brewer on vocals. If anything, Sleepwalking is a display of the future of Australian electronic, with the two young artists ensuring that our scene is in good hands as they combine bright hooks with a crashing, synth-rich production that easily feels like something that can be slammed on both commercial and alternative radio. "On this song, unlike the rest of my recent tunes, I really wanted to say something much more subtle and less in your face than the other things I have done, so when I sat down with Hannah (Brewer), we made a conscious effort to tell a story that wasn’t as clear or as literal as I had done in the past," he notes on the single. "As a result, this is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written, but a lot of that honesty is hidden behind a lot of layers of metaphor and references. I don’t want to give away what exactly we have written about, but I will say it is something I have battled with since I was 13 or 14 years old, and I have always wanted to write about, but have never quite been able to find the right way to do it until now."

It sets Bajillionaire - and Brewer - up for what's bound to be a big year ahead, with Charlie in particular reaching the edge of a national breakout that hopefully, by the end of this year, sees him situated as a frontrunner in Australian electronic. Listen to the track ahead of its arrival this Friday below, and catch Bajillionaire at a bunch of dates you can find underneath:

Tour Dates: 

April 24 - UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney
April 27 - Proud Mary’s, Central Coast
May 29 - Argyle House, Newcastle

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